Released PokeFortress2 - Demo/Alpha

This project has a release available. The full version is still a work in progress.







Here is my project that, as of finish date is very very premature, I was busier than expected!
It's a game based on mixing Team Fortress 2 with Pokemon, and there is a plot for when I am work on it further,
to make more than a overworld showcase walking simulator!
The Link to the unfinished demo
A word of warning: Due to time constraints, it has not been cleaned up at all as is usual.
It was made possible by the features of RPGMAKER XP and POKEMON ESSENTIALS!

The ASSETS for the characters are mostly done and that is mainly what I wanted to share.
I've had a chance, after some rest, to clean this page up a bit!
What I have managed to make is extremely barebones, but I plan to work on it more after. I felt after all the time I put into the sprites,
they deserved to be shown in some way.

This was a solo project, as I did not feel ready to be part of a group in a jam. It is my first after all.
ORIGINAL PLOT (Since it's done and it might give context to the work.)​
You pick a team, RED or BLU, and take the role of a mercenary working for that company. Each of the nine choices would have a usually have a unique team of pokemon tp help them in the goal. You are told by your employer, Blutarch/Redmond Mann, that you must secure a briefcase from the opposing team's base. Battling their mercenaries, you would make your way through (with a little help from your team of course!) And then, taking the briefcase back would reveal it to contain... Australium! The sought-after material used in life-extending machines. The very machines, in fact, that your employers use! Both brothers are actually very, very old! That was how I planned feature the optional theme, as it fit the story!
The link to the resource with PF2 assets.
Relic Castle for hosting the Game Jam, RPGMAKER XP, The Pokemon Essentials team, VALVe,
the Thundaga community who I would not have entered this without and I suppose myself too, for making this!
"Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
Poccil (Peter O.)

With contributions from:
MiDas Mike
Near Fantastica
Genzai Kawakami
Golisopod User
Jacob O. Wobbrock
Lisa Anthony
Luka S.J.
Golisopod User
and everyone else who helped out

UI Credits: Unknown, MiDas Mike, and AvatarMonkeyKirby

"mkxp-z" by:
Based on MKXP by Ancurio et al.

"RPG Maker XP" by:

Pokémon is owned by:
The Pokémon Company
Affiliated with Game Freak

This is a non-profit fan-made game.
No copyright infringements intended.
Please support the official games!
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Dec 12, 2017
A proof of concept, that can become something unique and interesting.


It's clear that this is a proof of concept at this stage, so based from what is there and what you've written on the thread:

It's an interesting concept that, if worked on for some time, could also give way to a sort of gameplay loop that we've never seen before in mon games. Can you think of ways that might spice up a simple "map - turn based battle - map" game loop?

You could make it so that each class not only uses specific mons, but in a specific way that's not "conventional" turn-based combat. Despite that, each character should have unique abilities (although I'm sure you've thought of that already) For instance, whereas heavy could be the only one to push boulders around strength-style, spy would be the only one who may fit through gaps, or do some invisible stuff. Engineer could set up voltorb/electrode traps that would cause damage or even activate battles.

In any case, you could also have a player health variable that can be reduced by both hazards/map obstacles and losing turn-based battles. Perhaps losing a turn-based battle heals mons yet removes a health point? Or you lose all your mons yet are still able to play assuming you haven't lost all health points?

The mapping is tight, irregardless of content available currently, and it seems like it's something you've got a knack for.

The overworld sprites are indeed high-quality, if this is your first dabbling in spriting then, well done! Their color pallete seems to match gen 4 more than gen 3 though, but your tiles are gen3. Soldier's helmet might need some adjustment to feel a bit less bland, I think?

I wish you had more time to work on it I'm curious as to how you're gonna tackle the gameplay. It could also work with mon-specific sections, where mons belonging to a certain character, with certain attributes, are controllable.


- reaching the top left corner of the walkable map allows you to see an empty upper-leftmost tile.

Strong Suite: Sprites, Mapping