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AKA Fakemon123
So I have stopped playing for now since I want to takle other games as well ... so here's my feedback:

I had fun but there are also frustrating parts.

I started my journey with a shiny Spoink. On my way to the second town I found myself a Minun on route 1. I really love Minun(as you can tell from my profile pic) so I was pretty happy about that.

Arrving at the first town I spoke with all the NPCs because I just loved the gags.

After that Spoink, Minun and I sat sail to the first island. When I battled the second grunt there I had to realize that having only Psychic and Normal moves isn't good against a Sableye(Dark Gost type). So I went back to route 1 and trained my Minun until it leaned spark. It took quite a while but was worth it. Spacially since the first Island is full of Zubat and Woobat and those where easy to deal with like this.

At the end of the second room I encountered a Nosepass. I like Nosepass because of it's evolution. Although I didn't know whether I could evolve it or not(special reqirements). But having that many Zubats and Woobats around helped a lot in leveling my Nosepass and with those 3 Pokémon I challenged the first Twilight admin and closed the chapter on the first island. Also having taken Psychic with me I was confident that Spoink and I could sweep any opponent.

Beeing happy of having collected the first gem I challenged the route to the next town. It wasn't easy but with a few runs to the Pokécenter I managed to get to the third town.

There all beeing bulgars and little kids dreaming of entering team galaxy. I actually tried to click all the shelves to see whether I can steal something there. Sadly I couldn't. But I liked the third town the most I gotta say.

Then going to the ruin and trying to deciffer the statues text. Well I was too dumb to do it so walking and clicking across the room managed to get me to the next room.

Down there I was lucky enough to encounter a Growlithe and because I like the Pokémon I caught it right away. While trying to grind levels with Growlithe I encountered a Vulpix which I just had to catch because Ninetales is my favorite Pokémon. I grinded like a madman to get those two to the other Pokémons level. At that time I really wished I'd had an Exp Share.

Going on I found a fire stone which I used right away on my Vulpix. I regreted not waiting until Vulpix learns heatwave because now the only fire move ninetales could ever have was fire spin.

So I went on and with a few difficultlies(I was stupid enough to switch into my spoink which only knows psychic type moves during the boss battle and lost the first try) managed to clear the magma cave.

Beeing proud of my Pokémon team I went on to the next island. I really liked the looks of it. Plus the rain matched the mood perfectly. Beeing fired up by all this I went into the forest to encounter a wild Pokémon that was 10 level above me. To make matters worse it rained and my newly obtained Fire types were useless. That was pretty discouraging.

After a break a takled the game again and found out that the rain only started randomly. So starting from there I just reentered the map until it didn't rain anymore. Well from there I tried to clear the forest which wasn't easy because the forest is a maze. I also decided to catch a sixth Pokémon here. Shortly after I encountered a Roserade and decided to catch it. My team and I were often forced to go back to the Pokémoncenter because of the grunts beeing strong and the wild Pokémon throwing around with status. I also stopped leveling Minun and Nosepass because they had a type disadvantage. An Exp Share would have been great here, too. During the grunt battles they were of really favorable typing though so they weren't left behind too badly. Once I challenged the boss the first time my team was around level 30. Due to my team beeing weakend it ended in a devastating defeat.

After that I gave it another try with my Pokémon in good health. But realizing my spoink only did like a fifth of Virizions health with psychic I decided to train it to level 32 where it evolved. I also decided to replace my Roserade due to its bad moveset and ended up catching a Butterfree. And this was a really good choise.

Beeing a little pesimistic I went back to the boss and started with Butterfree which had learned the move silver wind. Hoping to get my stats buffed I started out with that attack. And I luckily got the buff. The second use buffed me as well and that's the story of Butterfree soloing the third boss.

Beeing hyped about finally managing to clear the forest I went back to the ruins. And then the first grunts Pokémon was level 40. That's when I stoped playing for now because I didn't want to spend the time to level my team up like that.

Well that was my story of the game for now.

Some more general feedback:
  • I really like you mapping. For the same reasons as Aki I guess. Plus I think the maps all look great.
  • I love those NPC dialouges.
  • The story is simple and easy to understand. So even I knew what's going on. This is exactly how you want it to be in a game like yours.
  • I didn't have any problems with finding Pokémon I like.
  • an Exp Share would have been really nice. An Exp All even nicer.
  • those jumps in levels ... they are way too much ... like how am I supposed to defeat Pokemon that are more than 10 levels above me(like the worst difference was 15 levels)
  • don't rely on the player changing up his team. Pokémon is all about training and getting attached to your team.
  • don't rely on the player finding hidden items/Pokémon/whatever. They aren't called hidden for nothing.(that's what I thought after reading your tips ... I even tried to get earthquake after the forest but the sailor wouldn't bring me to the island anymore)
some bugs I encountered:
  • The PC is kinda buggy:
    • The Pokémon I'm holding there suld be above the team box. You'll see if you try yourself. There is an Array to modify this somewhere in the storage screen script.
  • Virizion and the others of that line give linke no exp. I defeated that level 40 Virizion with a level 30 Pokémon and didn't even get 100 exp.

Well that's it for now.
Thank you so much for the feedback! A lot of that has to do with the level spikes, which is the main problem everyone has with this game, and I will work on fixing that in the future. I am glad you liked the game, and I hope that it wasn't too hard for you. The bugs you've encountered have been brought to my attention before, but it was good to be reminded as I had forgotten aboutt some of them. I will take all of this feedback into account if I ever decide to make another game, and I can't thank you enough for playing my game and giving it feedback!


AKA Fakemon123
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am officially starting up work on Pokemon Twilight: Extended! This extended version of the game will include:
-A full devamped 8bit soundtrack!
-The introduction of Twilight Pokemon!
-Two realms of existence that you must travel between to complete the game!
-A new Rival and another Professor!
-More thought out ideas and larger region!
-AND MORE! (Because I'll probably have more big ideas lol)

If you'd like to keep up with the latest info on the game, give feedback on it, or maybe even do some beta testing, you can join our new discord server! Here's the link!

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive of Pokemon Twilight, and I hope I can make an extended version that will meet everyone's expectations!
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