Recruiting Spriters and tilers, we need you



Hi! I'm Zer0 and I'm a Spanish maker who is developing this project but as I'm not perfect (hopefully), I need help on some tasks.
The project is called Pokémon Gold Legacy and we are 2 in the team:
I'm the writer, mapper and tiler.
@Kyu is the scripter.​
We need:
-Tilers that can tile mainly houses and other buildings.
-Spriters that can sprite 4Gen OW, fakemons and full body sprites for trainers.

We can show you this:​

If you are interested in participating in the project in any of the functions we say or any other in which you think you can help us you can contact me by Discord: Zer0#5297

The game is being developed first in Spanish and when it's more advanced we will begin to translate into English.​