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Developer of Pokemon: Secrets of the Ages
Mar 13, 2019

The year is 1924 in the fast and ever-changing region of Rian.
Times are moving and this world struggles with the evolution of tradition into modernity.

After a chance discovery on your family farm of a mysterious gemstone and a burglary in the night, you find yourself thrust into
an exploration of the region, hot on the trail of an elusive, secretive organisation with no clear leaders, no clear motives and no clear goals.
Through chance or fate you enter the Pokémon Conference, a recently created elite battle network. You may find some of the more...
traditional leaders haven't taken too kindly to your presence. Fight, explore and learn about the mysteries of Rian.

Strange events start occurring around the region - reports of strange, maddened people, Pokémon arriving where
they've never been seen before and people, vehicles and even entire places disappearing into thin air!

What is the Syndicate? Who is the enigmatic Count Furness? And what connection do they have to the strange events?


Hello all, I'm the lead for Pokémon Secrets of the Ages, a unique fangame set in the Pokémon world of the 1920s! We're a dynamic and energetic team of 6 at the moment and have just finished an internal demo of 2 gyms, with progress well on the way for our first public demo.

BUT, in order for that to happen, we need help. We're looking for people who can fill the following roles:
  • Pokémon/Trainer battle spriters, animations to match Gen V style
  • Music composer (Gen 4/5 style, with Gen V soundfonts, jazz experience would be great!)
  • Map designer (DPPlt style)
  • Game balancer and planning assistant Design movesets, TM lists, Trainer battles, work with our team on planning etc.
  • Scripter with experience in developing moves and battle effects, as well as UIs
Our game has loads of features like fully customisable player sprites, a unique region and time setting, new mega evolutions for under-utilised but well-loved Pokémon, tons of new high-quality fakemon and a unique art style.



If you're interested, please give us a shout!
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