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Jun 8, 2021
howdy, i'm griffin! i uh... don't exactly have any experience with game-making, but i do like to write, draw, and do little pixelly things, so we'll see how that goes, i guess? (more than likely i'll just get nervous and lurk instead of doing much of anything, but who knows)


Apr 10, 2021
I'm on rest "vacation" right now. And wow, it's like, my brain don't need to think about much while being on "vacation", which is fortunate.

Hello anyone whom might be reading! I go by ~July~, and if anyone had the misfortune of conversing with me so far. You'd know I love to talk. Haha.

This will be a long post, I take no offense of course if annoyed, this is just who I am sort of thing. Overtime, I learned to enjoy the overthought.

I'm a lot of 'things', although my primary primary skill would be storytelling, understanding 'characters' in depth, in which is understanding how tumultuous and loving human can be in real life, and decide to portray reality or another version.

Similar to how a youthful person may not understand the meaning of 'relationships or love' nor have a more matured definition/portrayal of 'relationship or love'. A storyteller in some mannerism is limited to the understanding of said ideas/concepts. Being a wonderful storyteller to me isn't about holding 100k+ diction, however rather "are the characters flesh and bones, are they tangible to the audience, do they come across as 'alive'. "

Do the story makes the audience 'feel something', 'think of something', "is the story worth remembering, not because audience try to, only simply because it was worth remembering."

Storytelling is a 'complex' skill which have different areas of skill requirement for the different mediums it take upon. For example, within (western comicbooks/eastern manga), paneling is so ever important to the pacing and emotions from the pages. Within cinema, there's more consideration for camera-work and sound design. From literatures, nothing is shown, it's all words, and thus there is less limitation as writers can write "the sky full of animosity, raged on like a siren singing in the wind".

However, in comicbook/cinema format, we can't exactly draw/illustrate "a sky full of animosity", as that's quite subjective. There's a funny saying in script writing, "if you're gonna write stuff that in a script, it should be a book, not a script". As the skills necessary to gain mastery of different mediums are slightly different from one another.

I'd like to talk about 'portrayal of reality real quick'. I think a good example is "even Hollywood can make perishing off a non-curable illness to be beautiful. The characters remain vibrant in appearance and non-decay. Where as in real life, it is "not so pretty".

Which isn't an incorrect decision, it was just a decision. In which it soften the reality of dying to be able to tell 'another' version of a story with more hope. In life, I think we all need hope at times.

I started out writing literature for a long time. I've studied the craft for a long time, slowly consuming all the material available and trying to find my own "opinion" on why do this techniques, or when to use that method, etc. However, making a career in a writing world in terms of fiction can be 'rather difficult'.

After some years of literature and script-writing both. With about 5-6 scripts that are post 50th drafts refined to the point where I cannot refine them any further regarding my own 'skills and understanding'. I thought it would be better for my career if I started to do draw/illustrate. So I may have another medium and skillset to help make the career.

At this point, it was just refreshing to do something new. In my own thoughts, I could continue to try to raise my current skill ceiling and understanding within storytelling. However, I just find myself at a stage in which any further masterclasses won't help much. It is only more script-writing that would help increase the skill, and the progress have finally became more stagnant. Which is, in ways, a good thing.

I don't have much experience with the medium of manga/comicbook, so I wanted to 'practise' without the pressure of 'making a career', and thus started to draw/illustrate PKMN from a fanstory I gently put together overtime. From October 2020 to March 2021, it was 'all focused' on learning this new medium.

Finally, the timeline of recent is at March 2021, a very good turning point. I saw some 'un-official' region PKMN versions of existing canon PKMN on Amino. and it lead me to the PKMN fangame community. In which I just immediately saw the potential of "wow, this is entirely another way to get a story across".

Late March 2021 was a good time, it was the beginning of learning Ruby code and starting to learn how to design the "users' experience". It seemed I've completely abandoned my manga/comicbook studying for game design instead. As I feel like game design are much more interactive, and allow players to be immersive in the artform in a different way than manga/comicbook/cinema/literature

Now it's June 2021. and it seems roughly 8 months of intense studying/executing is as much as I can manage. I usually last about 4-6 months, just depending on what's happening in other aspects of life and what is being studied. The last two days of not doing 'anything', it's euphoric. I love studying, however, it seems I can't focus intensely 'forever'. Some writer can go on for years before taking a break.

Everyone have their own preferences and paces though, I think it's healthy to understand one's own pacing and take care of oneself before devoting to an art-form.

I'm not 'excellent' in any of the skillset I do have, I would say I know 'a lot' about storytelling, and have much experience there, but, there's still so much to learn of course. It's just learning any more within storytelling would require more than scripts and drafts, and I don't think that's the best way forward for myself if I truly desire to tell 'better stories' than I can previously yesterdays. Exploring other mediums and learning their caveat I think is a pretty good way forward.

my DeviantArt is: , in case anyone wants to check out the stage I'm at in illustration right now. I've been enjoying pixel art, I think that's clear. haha

So I think being not good at something, or being more new to something, it's a wonderful time, it's a wonderful aspect of life. Before writing, I was an 'athlete', and that was just a different thing. In summary though, going through that experience, it has taught me to just simply expect wisely.

I have no idea how many years it'll take to get my illustration or game dev skills to the level of my storytelling skill if they were all somehow quantifiable in some measurement. What I try to focus on is if I recently learned something new or not, if I'm able to express ideas and concepts I have in a more definitive way than before. If I've made some progress, even if minute in scale.

One thing I can definitely share about being a prior athlete is that, there is little fear in the skill of illustrations and storytelling in ways. Little fear in sense of, if a mistake is made, it could be 'career ending'. Being an athlete, if there's an injury, and there's always injuries, it's just a matter of when and how many can be prevented. It's difficult to maintain mental tenacity at times regarding 'tomorrow may be the day my career end'

In my younger years, I tend to think that hard-work and effort was essentials, and those qualities certainly are. However, they are simply the foundations. The reality is, everyone puts in hard-work and effort. "Genius aren't born, they're made." Everyone have a different take regarding that concept, my simplicity is that even if a person has natural affinity for illustrations, hard-work and effort is still required. No one truly 'great' have gotten to the mastery of where they are without effort and difficulties.

I've talk a lot already, but I would like to share even more!

A lot of us within this community are artists in some form. The skillset each of us have developed overtime are awesome of course, but.

and I cannot express this enough per se. So is our personalities. Every word we say or type or think. It is 'who we are' as individual in ways.

We can strive to be a version of ourselves in which we may enjoy more, admire more, rather be. To do so though is to recognize in ways who we currently are.

We are how we perceive ourselves, we are how other perceives us, and we are how we think other are perceiving us.

If anyone have read all the way through for some reason, Hello!

I wouldn't say 'develop a healthy personality', just more like, reflect on who you currently are. "Leave your hubris at the door", 'toxicity way back at the gate.'

I'm 27 years of age at the moment. Maturity doesn't come with age however, and I have much to learn still regarding. Which is to say, anyone 'old' enough should be wary that they may be talking to a younger audience, and should try to set healthier examples.

(I mean, if you're "an adult" and still have trouble maintaining a respectable manner when expressing yourself, it's normal, however perhaps try to self-reflect. Even kids have figured this out in their early years)

Which is all to say, reputation, is huge. It's 'everything'. Cancel culture is toxic and so on. etc etc. A person may be very skilled in their art-form, but usually the other person is going to get hired simply because they're easier to work with and thus overall produces more progress to the team.

Skillset is important. Personality and representation of oneself is so ever important and often forgotten.

I love typing, I love talking. Sharing the ideas I have. As it also allow me to think about my own ideas and concepts, and check over how I think about them, if anything is to be changed.

I'm not looking forward to full on studying again in ways haha... I think I'll slowly get back into it. As right now. Aye. This "vacation" / break. Is the best thing ever. It's meditative. It's like I forgot how to chill and relax over the last 8 months.

A great artist in my own thoughts, is also a great personality.

A great artist, understands how to take care of oneself, try to take care of oneself, in mental regards as well.

Which is to say, being good at anything usually also often means being good at taking care of oneself first. A wonderful advice I've heard from the art/illustration community is "make sure to care of yourself first and foremost, art comes much easier"

Which is in ways, kind of like, we can't begin to help others, if we're ourselves a mess. If we're a parent, we can't adequately 'do our job' unless we take care of ourselves first.

A healthy mindset, a healthy body. Goes a longgggg way. Even if my art is to be 'bad' forever. That's quite alright, as long as I'm able to maintain health.

I will surely try to produce more pixel art assets in least. I'm still developing my fangame with all the time I do have in spare. With what's going on and all that though, it unfortunately could take years, which is fine. It's reality. However long it'll take, that's however long it'll take, as the previous 3 months of, I don't feel like I've wasted much time, it was well spent.

My patience isn't running thin, it's more like. I've always had trouble with patience in ways, and it's at times difficult to accept that the speed I'm progressing at is the 'most efficient' speed I may progress at. Which is fine, it's natural, it's normal, it's common.

The only thing I need now more of, is patience, as the months and years roll on, I hope to complete my first fangame, and "shake the community to it's core". haha

The game I thought I was making 3 months ago, is certainly not the game it's at now. Which I think is pretty cool. But also, I'm not sure what it will be in more months. Time will tell. I recently added in 'mining' and 'woodcutting', and it works well enough, albeit unrefined. I'm designing my own item/inventory system however, as I think that'll be easier moving forward as opposed to trying to incorporate essential base item system to what I desire in mind.

My game is 896 x 512, I've made and refined those specific numbers earlier on, regarding how many tiles X/Y players may see and considering what the U.I. will look like in composition with the overworld experience of the game. So my maps will be 'a bit different' in terms of spacing. but the issue of running speed and getting from point A to point B still poses an issue in ways.

Dashing is awesome, I love it. I've designed dashing to be 4 tiles default and upgradeable. As far as jumping goes, 1-tile jump, 2-tile jump if run-jumping, 3-tile jump if dash-jumping. There's a lot of potential bugs to fix of course, especially with the jumping over events and such, but , in due time.

I wanted my fangame to have 'satisfying movements'. and I'm trying to achieve that. Also, caviat, pressex? return trues if button was already pressed prior to code line, where as triggerex? checks on the very frame itself. e.g. it took some time to make dash-jumping not so frame perfect of a trick. Oii... the coding side to a game that players rarely see. haha.

ANYWAY. it's been fun. I will return to full-time studying eventually. or if not, that's alright, I'm unsure what will happen. At the moment though. Aye, I need and sooo much enjoying my vacation/break. WHAT A BLESSING. It's like working really hard for the day and finally getting back to the house and just relax and chill.


(I also didn't re-read all this to check for mistakes. aye, I just like to type and get thoughts across, I don't organize it well. aksdjflkajsdflad)


Jul 9, 2021
Hey there, my name is THE CLOWN. As the same for a lot of people here, I'm just trying to make a fan-game. I'm pretty much only good at spriting and mapping though (and if you can tell by my pfp, I'm a Madness Combat fan).


Paragon Days
Jun 4, 2021
Hey kids, I'm Heap! You may know me as Heap and co.#9481 on discord. I'm new at ROM hacking and making fangames, and skilled at drawing and writing things! (my writing skills is still poor though...)

I'm working on two pokemon projects, one was an AU Fanverse I've been working lately (since March 2021) and other was for a ROM Hack of FireRed I'm working on! These are two different projects though. I'll focus on my ROM Hack here and my AU on Deviantart: Painterfight.