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Introduction Thread

Welcome to Relic Castle!

At Relic Castle, our goal is to provide a community where you can discuss, play, critique, and create Pokémon fan games. We strive to offer a warm, welcoming place where constructive criticism is valued, tutorials and resources are plentiful, and you ultimately feel at home! We believe that by promoting a friendly, tight-knit atmosphere we can make the fan game community a better place for newbies and veterans alike.

Whether you're here as a player of fan games, a developer of them, or someone just diving into them, we hope you see Relic Castle as a second home. Each and every one of you is important, and we encourage you to interact with other members of the forums and make some new friends.

With all that said, please feel free to register if you haven't already, and start off by introducing yourself in this thread! We'd love to get to know you, and once again, welcome to Relic Castle!


Aki's Favorite; Next Mod
Hey everyone! I first joined Relic Castle all the way back in January 2015 and while I did lurk for the first few months, it was an AMAZING place for fangames! I eventually became a bit more active and started talking to some of the awesome people there. I currently have a fangame that I've been working for almost 3 years now, though it is currently in hiatus for now. With the Relic Reboot, I hope to see many, many more fanmade projects and hope they all ask for feedback and such. Relic 100 years!
Hey I'm Scott. I joined Relic back in mid 2015, and work on Pokémon Ethereal Gates, as well as have my own series of Fan Games I work on with friends that I'll deny being a part of if you ever bring it up.

I'm a political consultant in D.C., specializing in Digital ads and Social Media, and I also run the RC Twitter, so hit me up with some #GoodContent.


Not a Russian Troll
I'm back you guys
I've been on RC since February of last year. I'm progressing with my all-Fakemon fangame project, Pokémon Forge, as well as a different kind of fangame that I'll show more of later.
We were in a bit of a slow period when RC rebooted, but hopefully this reboot can pick us back up again!
Relic has always been a warm and welcoming community, and with this new reboot, it finally feels complete.

I never expected so much to come out of this community, so much love and support and the greatest friends I could never have dreamed of before coming here.
I'm just a humble memer who has stumbled upon a great community, and I'm finally motivated to start up some fan game stuff again and I can't wait.

I'm Radical Raptr, and I'm quite experienced in terms of fan game design, story writing, dialogue writing, minor sprite design, mapping, and care way too much about overworld alignment.
I'm hoping to have a bigger impact and influence on the community this time around, so if you need help or feedback I'll try my best to help out any way I can!
Oh! Buffalo! I'm Mantager. I joined Relic around two years ago, and I've been working on projects since then, too. I previously used Essentials, but now I'm a ROMhacker. I've learnt a lot through this site and the people in this community, and hopefully you reading this will as well! My interests apart from Pokémon... I like Kamen Rider, and games like Tomodachi, MK, etcetera. I'm just generally easygoing nowadays, working on Pokémon Amaryllis, my hack which has been going for exactly one year since today! If you have anything you'd like to ask me, feel free. Now, let's all get along and make many incredible projects!

Atomic Reactor

I don't even like Pokémon games.
Hello, I'm Atomic Reactor. I've been "involved" with the "fan game community" for like a decade or so. I also barely help run this site. I like making Pokémon games, and even have a few posted here. Feel free to send me any questions, requests, feedback, food stamps, hate mail, or facebook notifications.


Starry eyed
I leave for just 1 hour and suddenly the site is full of new people! :scream:
Honestly it's about time #RelicRebootHype

Anyway, I'm Aki. I joined Relic Castle in January of 2015 with the intent to lurk, but somehow ended up being the top poster and eventually joined the staff team. I've been involved in the community all that time so it feels like I've learned a lot but I know there's still much more to know, looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks of the new Relic and what kind of projects will be posted from now on!


in another life, Starrcasm
Hi there--I'm Evan, don't let the avatar fool you. I joined a while back (April 2015, I'm quite sure) and have been big on fangames ever since. And also 7 years prior to that. I'm game director for Pokemon Ethereal Gates and I also like Spider-Man for no particular reason. I'm quite glad that this community exists and I hope to be more present and productive in it in the coming days/months/years!

I enjoy creativity, lively and healthy discussion, and I guess my specialty when it comes to doing things in essentials is eventing. I think it's cool to be able to tweak a scene as much as you need to to get everything just right, for the optimal player experience.

HMU with hi quality Catarch art. when you get the chance.



I'm JBro63.9 (usually with a pt instead of the . because of weird text restrictions) and I was semi-involved with the old RC but didn't really get that into it due to school complications... but I'm here now and hoping to fix that!

I like most game genres and am the project leader of Pokemon Shifting Tides which is (slowly) moving along. I'll make a thread about it someday. Not enough gameplay to show just yet.
Oh and I'm a huge history and music nerd so hit me up with that kind of stuff if you, for whatever reasons, want my trashy opinions.
Hey, I'm LlamaMinister, or just LM for short. I've been around Relic Castle for around a year or so, but I didn't post too terribly much since I am mainly a pixel artist, and not a game maker. Or, at least, not as of my posting this.

That being said, I love talking about games, and I love helping out anywhere I can, and if I feel I have the knowledge to help. I also am a freelance pixel artist for free hire. So, if'n you need some pixel art help or anything else about pixel art, I'm here to help.


Have they found the One Piece yet
Drem yol lok, my name is Dragonite and I like Pokémon and Skyrim. I'm the odd one out who doesn't use RPG Maker and is trying to lay off the Pokémon games. I joined something like a year ago and decided y'all were pretty decent people so I suck around.

Also if you've ever used Game Maker Studio I can nerd about that until the sun comes up.


The beetle is waking up
Hello Everybody!

I'm Tomix9tomix, or just Tomix, or even just Tom. Big Nintendo fan boy but I do also enjoy what gaming I can do on my laptop. Elder Scrolls, Zelda, Pokemon, Life is Strange and Terraria are probably my favourite games. I've been part of Relic Castle for awhile now, I joined around January 2016 and have enjoyed my time ever since.

I don't really do anything too special but the people here are good company and they offer great advice in general, if you ever want to chat feel free to hit me up, I'm pretty active.
Hello everybody, I'm Dawn Bronze! :D
I've been around on old Relic since the beginning, when I learnt about it through AR's youtube channel. Since then, I've made a lot of great friends and had a lot of fun sharing things and giving feedback on everything fan game related! I enjoy Fakemon designing, spiting (mostly in high res), and mapping most, so expect to see that on new Relic! I've kind of been quite lately over on old Relic, but hopefully I can change that here on new Relic!
What's up everyone, I'm NuclearOmega on the internet! I play & stream Pokemon fan-games on my YouTube channel. I've always thought about creating my own game but never put anything out there, but then the 2016 Game Jam came along & I was finally able to do it: Pokemon Plastic Pyrite!
I love spriting, mapping, & working on battle mechanics the most. :joy:
I should probably introduce myself as well!

Hey, I'm Deo! I've been involved in the fan game community for over a decade at this point. Me and Atomic Reactor started the site in 2015, and I'm pretty dang proud of the community we've built!

I like working on fan games, both on my own projects and lending a helping hand with other people's. I specialize in game design stuff, mostly mapping and eventing. I enjoy pretty much all aspects of fan game development, although I'm not an artist so spriting and what not isn't something I do.

Currently working on my own project with a few other friends, will probably post a thread at some point in the future. Feel free to start a conversation with me, and let me know if you have any issues on the forums.