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Demo Pokémon Hyperion

The peace among worlds has been shattered.
Only you can bring back the balance to your galaxy.
Are you up to the challenge?

Introduction: Hello! I'm Presley, and I'm just an ordinary high school student who shares the same love for Pokémon and game development as many of the awesome people here at Relic Castle.

I've always wanted to create a game and I've always been in love with Pokémon since childhood.

This project is meant to serve as a hobby for me. Through this, I will be able to just work on something that I enjoy and pass my time. By no means am I trying to make a full-blown game with every little detail worked on, but I will try my best to bring a fun experience through my project.

In an alternate reality where planetary travel is a part of everyday life, you will play as one of two protagonists, Presley (M) (I know, I know.) or Paige (F) who has just turned 10 years old. Your father is the adviser to the emperor, so you live in the capital, the Orion Satellite. For millennia, the Zephyr Galaxy has lived in peace and harmony under the rule of the Council (the Pokémon League) until a mysterious organization, dubbing themselves Team Chaos, starts wreaking havoc on many of the innocent planets in Zephyr. Their goals are ambiguous, the only known part of their plan is to reawaken an ancient evil. It's up to you to bring back the balance to your galaxy. Are you up to the challenge?

  • New Pokémon to discover throughout the galaxy!
  • An in-depth story to play through
  • Gen 1-7 Pokémon
  • Beautiful scenery
  • (More to come)

Screenshots are subject to change. Sprites and Pokémon are temporary.


I am currently working on this game by myself, and I would love to have people on board.
Currently, I am looking for people who can:

  • Sprite (creating Fakemon, Gen 4 OW, art for the protagonists and main characters)
  • Script (creating things like fancy GUI and such)
If you are interested in helping with Pokémon Hyperion, please contact me via Discord: Presley #6921
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This project is really cool! I especially love the concept of the Storymode and it is really original imo, I really love the idea that you'll go to explore multiple Planets:D One thing that kinda bothers me, but maybe just me are some tiles, for example I don't really like the grass tile you used the color is good but it looks kinda off but that may just be me, besides that, this project is amazing and I wish you the best of luck!!!

Mew Prime

The Shiny Mew
I like the idea of a Pokemon game in a futuristic, spacefaring setting. I honestly don't know of any other games where space travel is actually part of the story, and not just a side quest. I can't wait to see what develops from this! ^w^
Alright, I completed a demo about 3-4 months ago. I somehow forgot to update this thread and actually release the demo for you guys to download, which is really silly on my part. Anyway, the thread is now updated with a download link. I haven't tested the demo in a long time, but if I can recall correctly, there are minimal bugs and game play is about 2 hours. If there are any errors or bugs, please let me know on this thread. Further additions to the game may take a long time, but just know that anything new will be significantly better than the current demo as I believe that I have improved my game making skills.

In addition, anyone willing to contribute to this project is highly appreciated. This project is aimed to be my major Pokemon fan game project, with other projects being small-time hobbies I work on to improve. If you are willing in investing in this project and possess any fan game-making skills, please refer back to the "Recruitment" section of the thread. Thank you!


amazing sooo cool I wish i could make pokemon fan games like u. I love the idea of travelling to other galaxies keep up the good work


Hmm if you still need help I'm willing to work on any sprites for you, not sure if I can do everything else well, need details for that to see if I can pull it off, but for Pokemon Sprites I can do.