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Badges are collectible icons on Relic Castle that are displayed on your profile and post bit. Badges can be obtained by participating in the community and completing certain objectives. We believe this should provide incentive to some people to collect them, but there's no actual benefit to doing so. Badges are completely cosmetic.

You can view the list of badges on Relic Castle here and how to obtain them.

Please send your save files in a private message. Please keep in mind that badge distribution is not an automated process and is handled by the staff manually.

Game Badges
Badges aren't restricted just for things that happen on the forums, though. Relic Castle has worked together with certain fan game developers to provide game badges. Game badges are obtainable by beating the release of a fan game that has a game badge on Relic Castle. They are based off of an in-game badge, or a badge that represents the fan game itself.

To do this, you send in your save file to a staff member (NOT the fan game developer) and we will review it to make sure it fits the criteria for a beaten save file. This is not an automatic process and will take a little bit of time. Patience is key.

If you're interested in working with the Relic Castle staff towards having a game badge of your own, please know that we'll be the ones to contact you if we're interested. We're looking for well-polished games and or games that offer a unique experience. More will be added in the future!

Supported Game Badges

The Capsule Badge
Earthbound: Capsule Quest by @Atomic Reactor
Capture or defeat the Pink Starman.

The Cinnabar Badge
The Secret of Cinnabar Mansion by @Involuntary Twitch
Save in front of the experiment once you have the "Mysterious Package" item in your Bag.

The Common Badge
Pokémon Ethereal Gates by @Evan
Obtain the 2nd in-game badge.

The Desiderate Badge
Pokémon Desiderate by @Hukon
Defeat Don.

The Egg Badge
Pokémon Spectrum by @Kojo
Obtain the 2nd in-game badge.

The Gaia Badge
Pokémon Gaia Version by @Spherical Ice
Obtain the 6th in-game badge.

The Guilmon Badge
Banette & Guilmon by @SmokedPaprika
Save at Scene 6 "Let's Go Home".

The Hitmon Badge
Hitmon! Jam by @Rhyden
Defeat the Dragon Warrior.

The Jeff Badge
Pokémon Jeff by @Hukon
Defeat Robert.

The Mew Badge
Pokémon: MewYou by @Aki
Defeat Mewtwo.

The Rocket Badge
Pokémon: Attack on The Space Station by @NoodlesButt
Defeat the Pokémon infused with the asteroid.

The Rose Gold Badge
Pokémon Rose Gold by @Atomic Reactor
Capture or defeat either Suicune, Rayquaza, or Mew.

The Silph Badge
Pokémon Attack of Silph Co. by @NoodlesButt
Get to the rooftop of Silph Co. and be able to skip the cutscene.

The Thyme Badge
Pokémon Thyme by @Hukon
Have the "Blessed Charms" item in your Bag.

The Twilight Badge
Pokémon Twilight by @OrreMIDI
Defeat the final boss and get any ending.

The Umber Badge
Pokémon Umber by @Dawn Bronze
Have an Eevee/Eeveelution in the party.

The Birdcall Badge

Pokémon Birdcall by @Aki & @Deo
Obtain the Tidal Bell and Clear Bell.

The Castaway Badge

Pokémon Castaway by @Michael & @Ekat
Save after the events in the underground lab.

The Journey Badge

Pokémon Journey by @Tomix9tomix
Reach the Fin. after completing the game.

The Two-Player Badge

Hunter & Raymond by @Cadeorade5
Defeat the final trainer and save when the game fades to black.

The Latent Badge

Latent - Prologue by @Ott
Reach the Credits.

The Tempo Badge

Pokémon Tempo Rising by @Aki
Have at least three Charms in your bag.

The Apathy Badge

Pokémon Apathy by @Ekat
Reach the true ending and get Mikael to say he loves you.

The Pandora Badge

Pokémon Pandora by @Haunted Ditto
Defeat the Evil Force and rescue Psyduck.

The Violet Scarf Badge

White Rose by @Ott
Reach the Credits.

The Snowcrown Badge
Pokémon Gratia by @Tomix9tomix

Defeat or catch Lugia.

The Dream Badge
Escape from Dream World by @Vendily

Wake up Snorlax.

The Parallax Badge
Pokémon Parallax by @TheLuxDiablo

Complete the game.

The Pocket Badge
Pocket Moderators by @Savordez

Complete day 5.

The Splice Badge
Pokémon Splice by @Thundaga

Complete the game.

The Therian Badge
Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Therian Episode by @Radical Raptr & @Mr. Gela

Defeat the 3 beasts.

The Zee Badge
Pocket Monster Project: Ghosts of Knowledge by @Ranko

Complete the game.

The Unbound Badge
Pokémon Villain Jam by @PurpleZaffre

Have the "Prison Bottle" item in your bag.

The Beekeeper Badge
Pokémon Beekeeper by @Voltseon

Reach day 14.

The Perfect Jam Badge
Dr. Professor's Quest for the Perfect Jam by @Sparta

Complete the game and get the Professor to say your next adventure is going after the Valor Crown.

The Fairy Badge
Pokémon Fairies by @Armin

Have the "Mystic Mirror" item in your bag.

The Nightshade Badge
Pokémon Nightshade by @Ekat

Complete the game and get the Boss to say he threw Yew in the mines.

The Distortion Badge
Pokémon Azume by @Tomix9tomix

Complete the game and save inside the Cave of Rituals.

The Katana Badge
Pokémon Bushido by @TheLuxDiablo & @Thundaga

Reach Chapter 7.

The Ditto Badge
The Last Nurse Joy by @AnonAlpaca

Complete the game and have a total of at least 3 Silver, Gold or Perfect Rankings.

The Quantum Badge
Pokémon Quantum by @Voltseon & @ENLS

Complete the demo and arrive at Rowan Route.

Uploading your Save File
The file you're looking for is the Game.rxdata file, and it's located in your C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\GAMENAME folder, in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\GAMENAME, or the folder with your Game.exe in it. For a ROM hack, send us your .sav file. Now use a file storage service such as Mediafire, MEGA, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, and send the link to a staff member for review. Be sure to mention what game it is! Let's plays on YouTube are also considered proof of completion.
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