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Pokemon Order & Chaos Dev

A Pokémon Fangame made in RPG Maker XP

Pokémon is owned by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo, affiliated with Game Freak
This is a non-profit fan-made game. No copyright infringements intended.​


Okay to start off, hello. I'm Rayquaza-Dot, also known as Rayquaza. on Pokecommunity.

I've been interested in games development for ten years and have been developing this game for almost seven years, and it has changed drastically during that time.

My aim is to create a Pokémon fan game that is aimed primarily at a more mature audience. No, that doesn't mean there will be nudity or profanity, this means a game with a serious, potentially dark and thrilling storyline. Something that isn't conventionally used in any of the main series Pokémon games.

As of the 11th March, 2016, I am happy to report that there is now a playable demo. The demo features 3 Gyms and will hopefully receive an overhaul later this year.

So without any further adieu I present Pokémon Order & Pokémon Chaos.

[tab=The Story]
We start off in the once beautiful, now corrupt region of Sericoh.
Usually new trainers would receive their first Pokémon at the age of ten or eleven, but eighteen years ago a suspected terrorist attack on Urbador City, the most populated cities in the region, almost destroyed a third of the region and claimed the lives of many innocents.

As a result the region was thrust into a state of emergency, the corrupt government passed many laws to keep the region and its people in check, this involved a complete region-wide lockdown, preventing anyone entering or leaving the Sericoh.
The Pokémon League was eventually forced to increase the age that children could receive a starter Pokémon, reduce the number of new trainers per year and introduce a scheme for potential trainers that would test their ability as Pokémon trainers, their ability to defend themselves and whether they could present a threat to the region.

And now to you:

Your seventeenth birthday is right around the corner and when that day arrives, you'll have the opportunity to receive one of three Starter Pokémon. You, along with your two friends, will travel the region, to collect the eight badges of Sericoh and enter the Pokémon League...
...but that is only a small extent of your true story, throughout your journey you will meet new people, uncover the legend of Sericoh, obtain untold power and discover the truth behind the region's corruption.

[tab=Meet the Starters]
Grassteed, Pyrodrax and Hydrish. 3 very dependable Pokémon, each with great potential.

[tab=Team Shadow]
A mysterious organised crime syndicate that operates throughout the region.

Sericoh authorities know very little about them, but believe them to be incredibly dangerous. Most attempts to capture members of the organisation have ended in failure. However, any successful attempts ultimately end in the captured members ingesting cyanide pills.
So far all missions have been strictly covert, but recently there have been more and more sightings of individual members.
While the government does its best to keep any incidences involving the organisation quiet, in an attempt to avoid mass panic, it indirectly results in the organisation successfully carrying out operations in public.

  • A brand new region to explore, with around 70 new Pokémon to discover
  • An exciting story for a more mature audience

Rustling Patches:

In every route, certain patches of grass will have a chance of rustling. Walking into these rustling patches will either get you an item or a wild encounter. Encounters in these rustling patches have a higher-than-normal chance of being a shiny Pokémon. Items may also vary in rarity/usefulness, you could get a rare candy, a nugget, or even a regular burn heal.


tab=Gym Badges and the Pokémon League]



[tab=How You You Can Help]
Feedback is always greatly appreciated, you can show your support by sending feedback about the game - how I could improve the story, how I could make the gameplay more exciting, etc.

You can download the demo for Pokémon Chaos here.


  • Fixed Crash Error on startup/gender selection.


  • Fixed Crash Error upon receiving Pokeballs.


  • Added Changelog.txt to the download file, allowing players to see what's new with each update.
  • Fixed the Badge Obtained music.
  • Fixed the TM given by the second Gym Leader.
    • You are now given Frost Breath instead of Avalanche.
  • Fixed issue with Ethan/Rose in Mt. Sunrise.
    • This requires the player to exit Mt. Sunrise and then re-enter.


Pokemon Essentials

  • Flameguru
  • Poccil (Peter O.)
  • Maruno
  • Luka S.J.
  • AvatarMonkeyKirbyBoushy
  • MiDas Mike
  • Brother1440
  • Near Fantastica
  • FL.
  • PinkMan
  • Genzai Kawakami
  • Popper
  • help-14
  • Rataime
  • IceGod64
  • SoundSpawn
  • Jacob O. Wobbrock
  • the__end
  • KitsuneKouta
  • Venom12
  • Lisa Anthony
  • Wachunga

Elite Battle System

  • Luka S.J.
  • Maruno
  • PinkCatDragon
  • Tebited15
  • Eli
  • lilatraube
  • PinkCatDragon
  • BadSamaritan
  • GameFreak


  • KleinStudio
  • WaterTrainer
  • FireBirdsnIceDragons
  • Magiscarf
  • Ultimospriter
  • SalorVicious/Heavy-Metal-Lover
  • Ankokou Flare
  • PokeFan41
  • Enterbrain
  • Nintendo

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As a whole it looks pretty nice. But the screenshots only showcase the Overworld for the most part. If there are about 70 new Pokemon, do you think you could include a few images of them as well? Even if all 70 of them aren't finished I'm sure you have a few to show off considering the demo is up to 3 gyms.


Pokemon Order & Chaos Dev
can we see the famle patogoinst and the starters
They can be found in the main thread at the top of this page.

Just like on Pokecommunity, the thread here has received a major overhaul, hopefully this should make it easier to read. Along with this overhaul the credits have received a much needed revision.

As usual, if if you see that I have missed anyone on the credits, please contact me via PM or post on this thread so that I may fix it.


did you planned what typeing the starters will have when they are fully evolved and i want to know whenthe demo with fakemons will be playable