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The screenshots look AWESOME, Luka!! I didn't now you were still working on EBS! Will this new version be available publicly?

Luka S.J.

Wastage of Time
Doing a little work regarding the new Battle Room setup (making it modular and highly user customizable). For example, within about 20 mins, using the built-in modules and the following code setup:
  "backdrop" => "Champion",
  "lightsA" => true,
  "img001" => { 
    :scrolling => true, :vertical => true, :speed => 1,
    :bitmap => "Graphics/Battlebacks/elements/decor003",
    :oy => 180, :y => 90, :z => 1, :flat => true
  "img002" => { 
    :bitmap => "Graphics/Battlebacks/elements/decor004",
    :oy => 100, :y => 98, :z => 2, :flat => true
  "img003" => { 
    :scrolling => true, :speed => 16,
    :bitmap => "Graphics/Battlebacks/elements/decor005",
    :oy => 0, :y => 4, :z => 4, :flat => true
  "img004" => { 
    :scrolling => true, :speed => 16, :direction => -1,
    :bitmap => "Graphics/Battlebacks/elements/decor006",
    :oy => 0, :z => 4, :flat => true
  "img005" => { 
    :scrolling => true, :speed => 0.5,
    :bitmap => "Graphics/Battlebacks/elements/base001",
    :oy => 0, :y => 122, :z => 1, :flat => true
  "img006" => { 
    :bitmap => "Graphics/Battlebacks/elements/pillars001",
    :y => 192, :x => 144, :z => 3
  "img007" => { 
    :bitmap => "Graphics/Battlebacks/elements/pillars002",
    :y => 192, :x => 144, :z => 18
I was able to make this room:
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Love the pixel at here overall! That globe, the skeleton, the paintings - all lovely.
But that black and white tile floor is kind of a headache given the relative size of the OWs... too busy and too much contrast if you ask me.
Thank you so much for your constructive criticism. Do you think if I made the black and white floor tiles smaller in size it would look better?
This is a followup to a sandbox post where I discussed displaying the type(s) of each participating Pokémon in a battle. I made a mockup of what a databox with types might look like, from the player's side:

Credit to for LaDestitute the Fairy type icon.
Due to another planned feature, I decided to increase the Pokémon name character limit to 14, so I had to reduce the font size of the Pokémon's name in the databox, and moved the gender and shiny icons to the bottom of the databox. I intend to introduce another icon that will appear in the databox but haven't implemented it yet; that's why in this particular screenshot, there appears to be an empty space for an icon to the right of the shiny icon.
What do you think of the databox design and layout?

I feel like the non-selected, semi-transparent pause menu icons don't stand out enough compared to the overworld, especially since the pause menu would be the player's main focus if it were open, and the overworld would be relatively inactive. If possible, you could try to dim and/or obscure the overworld while making the pause menu icons less transparent.

Just a minor thing I noticed, the signature should be, "From Prof Alder".
Following up on my previous post, I changed the databox design and layout a bit. Again, I increased the Pokémon name character limit to 14 due to another game element requiring longer possible Pokémon names, and I decided to display Pokémon types in the databox itself.
What do you think of the databox design and layout?

I think this is a pretty cool idea, but that there might be too many things going on, especially seeing the player's Marill in this screenshot:
The WAFASLP is a lot of unrelated lettering right next to each other...I'm afraid of what it would be like if the opponet used a move to add another type. They're pretty small boxes anyway, maybe having symbols to represent the types instead would be easier to read?