Feedback Project Sandbox

I think seeing the resurgence of a team is an interesting idea, but I think that the team's goals should be changed, or narrowed down a bit. I don't think there's anyone out there that genuinely believes in a complete absence of rules. Like, this team has to have a problem with murder and theft, right? Because otherwise, they'll be fighting to let people have the right to kill them or steal from them. I don't think anyone's really willing to do that.

Fighting against a rule system could definitely still work, but there's kind of a problem in finding a system for them to fight against. Most of what we've seen in the Pokemon world doesn't really demonstrate a strict government, considering all the wandering the player is allowed to do. You could easily create some more rules for them to fight against, but then it's kind of weird to make them the villains-I can't think of many rules you could add that wouldn't impose unfair restrictions, personally.

How does opposing rules factor into the story? Is it a major point, or is the important part the structure of the team?