Relic Castle Game Jam #3: Recruitment

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Let the jam commence yet again!
RELIC GAME JAM #3 has begun!
JUNE 30TH - AUGUST 10TH 2017

Recruitment Thread
Overview Thread - Discussion Thread
Be sure to check out the #game-jam-3 channel on our Discord!

Relic Game Jam #3

Welcome to the third annual Relic Castle Game Jam!

For the uninformed: a game jam is an event where developers will get together and make a game. It sounds simple at first glance, but making a good game is much more difficult and time consuming than you might think. Participating in one is a great way to challenge yourself, learn new skills, and polish your overall experience as a game developer.

We've now had two very successful game jams under our belt. Previous years demonstrated to us that the Pokémon fan game community is full of creative individuals who have an eye for quality and interesting ideas. We've always been impressed with what comes out of these game jams, and we're eagerly awaiting what this year will hold!

This is, of course, the first game jam on our relatively brand new forums. That hasn't dulled any of the hype and enthusiasm for this year's game jam though, as it looks like that everyone has been looking forward to it with bated breath. With all that said, good luck to all participants!

And an extra special thanks to @Cilerba for the game jam logo this year!

You can find more information about the game jam in the Overview Thread.

Recruitment Thread

Welcome to the Relic Game Jam #3 recruitment thread! In this thread, you can seek assistance with your entry or volunteer your talents for another entry. If you're looking to do anything but discuss recruitment, please use the general discussion thread.

If you're recruiting or volunteering, please use the following templates. Keep in mind that you aren't required to have any progress on your jam entry before recruiting.

  • Looking to recruit:
  • Jam Entry Title:
  • Team Name/Team Members:
  • Progress/Screenshots:
  • Method of Contact:
  • Timezone:
  • Additional Information:

  • Expertise:
  • Examples of Work:
  • Method of Contact:
  • Timezone:
  • Additional Information:
  • Looking to recruit: Mainly looking for someone experienced with RPG Maker-I'm afraid I haven't gotten a strong grasp on it yet. If you'd like to just bounce around ideas, though, that's fine too!
  • Title: Aether Clinic
  • Members: Just me!
  • Progress: Storyline and characters have been mostly planned out, though I feel they could use a bit more. Game will just use the default tiles, so we're covered graphically/
  • Method of contact: I'm most commonly on Discord, but I can work with most other contact methods if it's easier! (Except Skype, it's not good for my computer)
  • Timezone:Central
  • Additional information: I know asking for help with coding when I only recently acquired RPG Maker is quite a tall order. If you think it's not going to be fun for you to help, don't! If I end up not being able to participate this jam, so be it. While I would like to be a part of Game Jam, I know I'm not quite prepared for it yet-I just need to work on improving myself for the next one! (And besides, I still get to play all the amazing games that come from it!)

    A little more information on the project (seeing as it's the only appealing bit):
    Inspired by the podcast The Bright Sessions (though no knowledge of it is needed), Aethic Clinic is a game that focuses on the unusual abilities of humans seen in the Pokemon world-the potential judges, the hidden power predictors, and so on. The Aether Foundation has a specialized clinic that studies a group of children and teenagers with such abilities-but as their studies and sessions continue, it begins to seem like their motives aren't quite as simple as they claim.


Sandwich Master
Available for volunteering!

I am an writer with some small experience and able to modify story that need modifications or have plot holes, I am also able to make designs for people and other parts of a project.

Examples of Work:
I am a writer for Lustrous Aqua and have posted some of my art before. I am also a designer for Pokemon Elements.

Method of Contact:
I am available through the relic discord and relic castle.

Timezone: I am in the EST timezone and available anytime except between 10:00 Pm EST and 7:00 Am EST

Additional Information:
I am ready to assist at anytime and hope to have a good jam!
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The Meme Stealer
Expertise:i am a writer with small experience but don't let that fool you!

Examples of work:i am a writer in pokemon lustrous aqua,and thats about it.

Method of contact:DM me on twitter @killabash9000 and i will tell you my discord tag for better communication.

Timezone:i am in the israel/jarusalem timezone,and i am available anytime since it is summer break.

Additional info:just looking to have some fun,btw this is my first game jam.


  • Expertise: Custom Music Composition
  • Examples of Work: Soundcloud
  • Method of Contact: PM me here, or Discord sukoshijon#8759
  • Timezone: GMT
  • Additional Information: School over in the UK doesn't end until mid July, but that doesn't mean I won't be able to do anything until then.
Looking to recruit:
  • Concept Artist: You'll help me create designs for the Jam. Typical work you would be doing is designing new characters, Pokémon forms, and items. Nothing too much, so you won't have a large workload.
  • Spriter: You'll take the concept art and turn it into sprites that will be used in the game! You'll have about the same amount as work as the concept artist, so there won't be too much for you.
Jam Entry Title: Ditto Edition (working title)
Team Name/Team Members: Mantager, Taquillastudios, KNIGHTBRUH
Progress/Screenshots: Absolutely none yet, but if you want to jump on, feel free!
Method of Contact: Mantager#2753 (Discord), @Mantager_ (Twitter) or just message me on Relic Castle!
Timezone: BST/UTC+1 (I live in the UK)
Additional Information: I'm aiming to create about 3 important characters, with 3 new Pokémon forms. That's going to be the main focus that you'll be working on.
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Expertise: Coding, mapping
Examples of Work:
Method of Contact: Discord
Timezone: Central (US)
Additional Information:
May not be available at all times, busy school + work + social life, but should be able to work on my own time
Would prefer to be working with someone who has a strong grasp of eventing/standard Essentials things, I want to code, not teach basics


AKA Fakemon123

Looking to recruit: Mapper and/or Spriter/Tile Designer. Or really just anyone willing to help!
Jam Entry Title: Pokemon XD: Twilight Triad
Team Name/Team Members: Just me... XD
Progress: Storyline planned for the most part, some mapping is done, some OW sprites made.
Method of Contact: Relic PM preferably.
Timezone: CT
Additional Information: If you couldn't tell already, the game is going to be somewhat of a sequel to Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness. I had planned on making Pokemon Aura be a sequel but the project was a bit too much to handle. I think that the Game Jam will be the perfect opportunity to make an Orre sequel and am looking forward to developing Twilight Triad! If you want some story info just ask, but I should have a thread up soon! (Is there a place we post threads for Game Jam projects or just in the Progressing Projects thread?)



Mapping / Writing / Doing some graphic stuff (not nearly as good as real spriters/artists)
Examples of Work:

Sadly, I actually don't have anything in English to show my writing, but if one wants me to, I'd gladly write some example text!
Method of Contact: PM on Relic Castle / Tumblr: motomeetsneko
Timezone: MESZ/UTC+1:00
Additional Information: Well, I am not well known in this community, but that doesn't mean I'm not eager to work with a motivated team to create something awesome!


Have they found the One Piece yet
All righty, let's dive in.


- Looking to recruit:
Someone who's better than me at writing (that's a pretty low bar). Bonus points if you've actually used Essentials before.
- Jam Entry Title: Pokémon: Power Creep
- Team Name/Team Members: Dragonite and theoretically Jayrodd although I don't want to bother him unless I have to
- Progress/Screenshots: send help
- Method of Contact: I guess Discord 'cause I almost always have it open (Dragonite#7992), though I also check Relic about thirty times a day. Also I tend to spend way more time on Twitter than is good for me (linked above).
- Timezone: Eastern Standard, Daylight, whatever it is right now
- Additional Information: This probably shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's based on this but it only uses legendaries from gens 1..5 'cause arranging the data was driving me mad as is.


A wild Minun appeared!
-Looking to recruit:
We need you to do backgrounds/scenes/icons for the project. It'd be great if you were creative and design the art you do. You'll make this project shine!
Own ideas are appreciated. IWe are more than willing to discuss new ideas. The more ideas the higher the chance that the game's gonna be awesome.
You don't need to be a pro. The only requirement is that you have fun with spriting.
For more information see Additional Information.
-Jam Entry Title: There isn't a title yet
-Team Name/Team Members:!Electiwirez(great music guy) and me(scripter) so far. Hopefully we can count you in soon.
Well it's rotation battle. The rotate right and left button(mega is placeholder) as well as the bases would be one of your jobs. The positioning isn't perfect yet either.

The rotation battle script will be released like 1-2 weeks after the jam ends ... please don't ask me for it. Thanks for your patience!
-Method of Contact:
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Skype: aiyinsifeierde
Discord: leilou#5723
PM me on relic
-Timezone: Central European Time
I would appreciate beeing able to chat/speak with you once and then ... but we don't have to always be connected while working on the project ... so it would be ok if your in a different time zone, too
-Additional Information:
It's a game that focuses on fighting. You obtain random Pokémon and have to fight in a league system to advance. Every league gives you stronger pokemon(strenght based smogon tiers) and has a different battle mode. If I have the time I'll also include minigames like fishing and make this game a tutorial for competetive strategies(although the AI won't be nearly as good as real people). All Pokémon are on level 50.

-Obtaining Pokemon:
You can obtain Pokeballs which include random Pokemon. You can buy those or obtain them from special actions like a rank up. So a obtain Pokémon scene would be nice. A background and a Pokéball which opens.(The latter is probably already out there in the internet)

-Start screen:
The menu screen where there is a fight, shop, ... button. A background and buttons are needed. A shop backscreen would be also nice.

-League/Turnament screens
To advance leagues the player will need to participate in league fights/turnaments(I still don't know which route to go). A background for league/turnament advancement screen is needed.

Rotation battle still needs the rotate butons and better bases. If I have the time I'll include other not so difficult to implement battlemodes that would need sprites.

-Optional Content: I'm only doing this if the rest is finished ...

Something like fishing for water Pokémon e.g. to switch up what the player is doing. These would require spriting.

I hope I didn't forget too much ...
And again: Feel free to contact me f you have any questions.
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Wine mom and tile guy
Looking to recruit: Eventer-storywriter
Jam Entry Title: Pokémon Starter Hunter
Team Name/Team Members: Me
Progress/Screenshots: PM me ;)
Method of Contact: PM
Timezone: UTC+1
Additional Information: I'd really like someone I can exchange ideas with. English isn't my native language and I'm primarily a visual artist, so some storyline help is probably not a bad idea. You can find some examples of my work here:



The beetle is waking up
Looking to recruit: Artist who can create trainer overworlds
Jam Entry Title: Pokemon Detective Mysteries [Subject to change]
Team Name/Team Members: Just me at the moment
Progress/Screenshots: Mapped main area of the game and have the outline of the story written out
Method of Contact: PM me on relic or hit me up on Discord @ Tomix9tomix#8625
Timezone: UTC+10
Additional Information: I only need a few overworld sprites made, not too much work, I'm just bad at doing arty stuff


Totally not slacking off

Looking to recruit:
- Musicians, as I have no musical talent and am otherwise limited to ripping Music - which I don't wanna do.
- UI Designers, as I am using Epic Battle System and would like some help making custom intros, a Title Screen, the Battle UI, Pause Menu, etc etc...

Jam Entry Title: Pokemon Adventures: The Firered and Leafgreen Saga

Team Name/Members: So far, just me on mapping and eventing.


Method of Contact: Discord @ Grapz224#7451

Timezones: USA Central

Additional Information: As I am a late start in the Jam, I am lagging a bit behind everyone else. If you wanna help me on this project I would greatly appreciate 2 things from you: One, that you read the Pokemon Adventures Manga so you know the source material, and Two: That you work with a sense of urgency. It is possible that I may not complete the game by the deadline. I would like the game to be presentable, even if it's incomplete. That's really it. Otherwise, I leave music and UI design entirely up to you, completely free rein. Do remember that all assets made for this project will be released as a pack once the jam is over, as per the rules.


Looking to recruit: Composer and Spriter
Jam Entry Title: Pokémon Rescue Mission!
Team Name/Team Members: Sparkin' and Taquillastudios
Progress: The game has all the maps done but is missing only events, trainer battles and final boss.
Method of Contact: PM or DM
Timezone: GMT 2+
Additional Information: Since I have more free time now, I have more time to work on the jam, so I should be more active these days. I only need a spriter to draw battle sprites, overworlds and 5 mugshots. Custom music is optional, but it would be greatly appreciated.​


Crobat Appreciator
Looking to recruit: Tile Spriter or Rip Cleaner
Jam Entry Title: currently untitled
Team Name/Team Members: Bromley and Werty81180
Progress/Screenshots: Most of the tileset is finished, but we need some help cleaning tiles, having charsets for doors, and animating water tiles.
Method of Contact: Discord or PM
Timezone: UTC -5:00 (CDT)
Additional Information: We need some help cleaning tile rips from B2W2. If you're interested in assisting us, contact me or Werty via Discord or PM.
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Ice Cream Magician
Looking to recruit: I'm currently a one man team. I work on the assets for my game like spriting, mapping, eventing. But since I'm not that inept in all those three areas, an extra hand who is far more skilled at Essentials will help me out. I'm most interested in finding a very skilled eventer. Eventing isn't my strongest field so I need the most help there. Other fields of game creation are welcome though!
Jam Entry Title: Pokémin
Team Name/Team Members: ~Recruiting~
Progress/Screenshots: Will be posted as I get more time to work on the game.
Method of Contact: Discord, preferably. Welcome to use other services if needed!
Timezone: EST
Additional Information: I'm putting most of the work myself. Team members can simply just aid me in getting the game finished quicker by working on areas I haven't gotten to. Pretty much halving the work load and having steady progress.


Stinky Person
Looking to Recruit: A playtester.
Jam Entry Title: Pokémon: Edge Rising
Team Members: Makattack202, Mashirosakura, SmokedPaprika
Method of Contact: Preferably, Discord. Hit me or Makattack202 up.
Timezone: Central. UTC -06:00.

Additional Information:

CLOSED. Thanks for offering your help, guys! We've found a playtester, and we won't need any more. Thanks a bunch!

Hey, guys, it's the Edge Rising team, here. We're getting super close to finishing the events for most of the game, but we still need to begin implementing the battle segments of the game, and to make the game playable, we need someone that can report to us about how easy or difficult various parts of the game are. Thus, we are in need of a playtester.

HOWEVER, do not see this as an opportunity to play through the game before it's done. We need somebody that's dedicated to play through the same battles more than once, and be ready to play through the game multiple times for the next few days to help us make the game side of the game playable.

You'll need to:
  • Save before trainer battles - prepare to play them more than once.
  • Report to us about how difficult or easy a battle is.
  • Send us screenshots of passability errors.
  • Point out grammar errors when present.
  • We've worked very hard on this game, and we're excited to show it to the rest of you, but first, we need to balance it so that it becomes an experience, rather than a chore. Hit us up if you're interested in helping out!
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