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The following are rules that apply to every forum, conversation, and section of Relic Castle. Certain sections of Relic Castle may have additional rules, which will be noted in a sticky thread in the corresponding forum. A list of these threads may be found at the bottom of this post.

Be respectful to other members.
Treat other users with respect on Relic Castle. Flaming, trolling, and harassment are not tolerated. Swearing is permitted provided you aren't directing it towards someone. While we want to encourage an environment where you're free to disagree with other user's views and opinions, we do not tolerate bigoted remarks or commentary. When giving feedback to someone, go about it in a respectful way.

Keep your post contents meaningful.
Avoid making Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages (SPAM for short) that offer nothing to the discussion. While posts such as "Nice work!" and "Good job!" have good intentions behind them, use the Like button on the person's post should you have nothing else to add. Make sure your post is relevant to the thread at hand, and edit your post instead of double posting.

"Cool game"

"Where is the download?"

"Can I test it?"
"Great game, I love the art style and the plot you have thought up so far,
can't wait to see where you go with it!"

"The mapping in this project is alright,
but some of the minor details could use some improvement."

"I like where the story is going with this one, may I suggest this though?"

No illegal or explicit content.
This is not a place for keygens, ROMs, torrents, pornography, and other illegal or explicit content. ROM hacks are welcome at Relic as long as a patch file is provided and not the actual ROM.

No stolen content.
You may not use content (sprites, tiles, music, etc) if it is not for public use, and you do not have permission. You MUST credit other people for their resources if requested by the author. You may not edit such content and claim it as your own or use it in your game. You may not use content from another game without permission. This is a serious offense and we do take this very seriously. If you believe your content has been stolen, please contact an administrator.

This includes the act of decrypting someone's game, even without the intent of using it's content as your own. This is a highly reprimandable act on Relic Castle and will result in swift action if there's any evidence that any wrongdoing has been committed. As with other stolen content, please contact us if you suspect someone of this.

No multiple accounts or multiple people per account.
Multiple accounts per person are not permitted on Relic Castle. If you have other family members who also wish to use Relic Castle, please contact us to let us know. If you wish to change your username, you can do so by clicking here.

No team/project accounts.
We want to interact with you. Your account should represent you, not your team or your project. Accounts with usernames that resemble team names or project names will be prompted for a name change.

No advertising.
Advertising other forums, websites, and the such are not permitted. You may link to other places if relevant to the discussion, or in your signature. You may not join Relic Castle to advertise your site or services. Use the Team Recruitment forum if you're seeking help with your game, unsolicited messages to other users asking them to join your team are not permitted.

Absolutely no financial transactions.
Buying and selling goods or services is strictly forbidden on Relic Castle. Donation links, patreons, tip jars, and the sort are not permitted.

Signature Rules
  • Keep your signature a reasonable size. There's no reason for it to exceed 650x350 pixels.
  • While animated images are permitted in signatures, please make sure they're a reasonable file size.
  • Don't nest a bunch of spoilers or quotes within each other for no reason.
  • CSS is permitted, but it must not leave the signature area.
  • No autoplaying music/videos, or content that is harmful to those with epilepsy and the like.

It is your responsibility to familiarize and abide by these rules, along with keeping up to date on any changes or additions. Typically, the Relic Castle staff will notify the community if there are any changes to the rules. A grace period may be applicable depending on the situation.

Should you see a post or thread you believe violates our rules, please report it and move on. It is up to the discretion of the Relic Castle staff if a rule violation has occurred, the punishment of said violation, and the interpretation of the rule in question. We strive to resolve rule violation situations with users without banning them, depending on the severity of the violation and past incidents.

Should you be banned for a rule violation and unless stated otherwise, you may appeal your ban by Contacting Us and putting "BAN APPEAL: (your username)" in the subject, and your appeal in the message. We have the right to deny a ban appeal for any reason, but are open to the possibility of reversing a ban should we see fit.
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