Discussion Does Relic Castle support Net Nuetrality?


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I know we have folks all over the world, commonly in the States and in Europe, but I was curious if people here were in support of Net Neutrality.
Net Neutrality makes sense in every single way. Any garbage peddled by anti-consumer/anti-competition broadband companies is so that they can have a monopoly and increase costs, which will only end up hurting the consumer. Internet should be as fast and cheap as possible. It allows us to learn, grow, create, debate, converse, conduct business, and consume product at rates never dreamed of as before. It enriches the human experience beyond comprehension. Anyone who says it's "anti-consumer" or "anti-capitalist" is lying. Net Neutrality lowers consumer costs by regulating against gated content, avoids monopolies/monopsonies that control what we can pay for, and allows the barrier to entry to be as low as possible for more competition which leads to more innovation.

I have not spoken to a single person who is against net neutrality, I have only seen negative sentiment from Comcast et. al.


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Same as above, I've never actually seen anyone against net neutrality? :sweat:
If someone does have that stance I'd love to hear about it though, maybe I just don't get out of my bubble enough.

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Usually when I meet someone anti-net neutrality they haven't deeply researched the issue and are only against it because their political affiliations are against it. Once we get to discussing details I've never had a person tell me they didn't support a free and open internet.