Freelance I'll Make 3 Maps For Whomever (1 spot left)

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Boat Jam, Boat Jam
Aug 16, 2017
Not gonna write much because, look the title says, I'll make 3 maps for you. Though it has to be any size under 96x96 but it can be whatever kind of map you want it to be -- Though I'm the most confidant in my Outdoor and Cave Mapping, I can still do Forests, Water Routes, Insides, etc.

If you want me to help please give a small description of what's expected/needed. I also have the right to turn down the offer at anytime.

If you're willing to lend the tileset for the maps that will help progress greatly, if not then the offer will still be on but at a potentially slower pace.
Want some images of my work? Here you go:
Exported Map.png
Exported Map2.png

DM me on Discord if interested; Omega-Who#9456
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