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Can't stop, won't stop, might stop
Heck yeah so art thread time! Ummmm.... I don't know how to HTML anymore .... l'''''D
Just some of my art as of recent. I'll update this as I add more. Which I do everyday. So expect updates to be frequent. l'3

Feral Works - Feral Reference 2017 - 27th Birthday - 26th Birthday - Brawley No... Just No... - Keel Handshake - OMGLazorz - Mreh - Sketch Dump - Strangle You (WARNING: F-bomb used in this sooooo if you don't like swearing, don't click l'3)

Random Works - Unigator - Needs a Name - Undertale OC: Witty Castro - Undertale: Bratty and Catty - Witty Expression Sheet - Grotte: Snoot Boopin' - Grotte: Happy Basil

Commissions/Swaps - Anatolius - Brute Birb - Ayala - Frigate Chaser - Mercurio

An entire world I'm creating that consists of 8 floating islands each with a wide variety of creatures. This world is being developed into an ARPG (art based role playing game) that will be focused mainly on Deviantart. HOWEVER, if it proves to be possible, I might try to incorporate it here in the RPG area.

Pokemon - Count Whiskus Von Daren the Lord of all things Tuna - Meote 10-year-anniverssary - Alolan Meote - Electryu: Fakemon for a Poketubers region project

MonsterMMORPG Creature Designs - Spikield - Gizzard - Sharjaw - Kaprohiss - Eellen - Aztequetz - Whalestrom - Sensoreptile - Ammutoul
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