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Completed Pokemon: MewYou!


I'm on mac book and when i downloaded it i got a file, could you give me some advice how to download it (.w.)
The game is an .exe file.
Which means it can only be played on a windows computer/operating system.
It cant be played on Mac unless you put windows on it somehow. Which IS possible. I'm using Boot Camp myself.
But you can also apparently use a Virtual machine. I hear that's super slow because it's over a remote server thou. There's also the method called Wine but I've never done that either.
Bootcamp works fairly well. it's just that lag issue with the in game menus I'm having :/

But basically Boot camp is a free tool made by apple. that let's you install Windows side by side on your mac computer.
So when you turn on your mac you can choose to boot into windows or your regular Mac computer. This way you can play games like this or open any other .exe file/game. It's literally like having a whole nother computer in one.
Obviously it takes up hard drive space because your installing a whole other operating system next to your current operating system. I would say if your not comfortable with computers don't try it.

But here's how to do it: