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Dec 18, 2019
Pokémon Champions:
A journey like no other
(If you want, we have a demo you can play here!)
Pokemon_champions (1).png
Pokémon Champions is a fangame inspired by the likes of fabulous genre-breaking releases like Pokémon Bushido and Pokémon Nightshade where the goal is not to travel the region and collect "all the badges" but instead to create a unique experience distinct from other releases of its kind. Champions will still feature a prominent battling focus, but the setting for your battles will be much different.
  • Play as Mite, a 15 year-old boy who grew up in outer Galar, inspired by radio talkshow heroes of his time. Mite will frequently talk on his own, and has his own goals and motivations. Experience the world through his eyes, and see what training Pokémon really has to offer.​
  • Explore the Lumio Isles, an island chain owned and maintained by a mega millionaire by the name of Richmond Briggs. Each chapter of the game will introduce a new island for you to travel through and explore.
  • Discover the charming and entertaining story that each islands presents, packed full of memorable characters and lighthearted humor.
  • Participate in the Lumio Cup where your battling abilities will be put to the test against other trainers from all across the region- many of which have more experience than you!​
The story:
Throughout Mite's life, even as a child, life was difficult. Money was hard to come by, and living out of an abandoned building was just more to add onto the pot. Moreover, with a lack of parental figures in his life, Mite was left to find inspiration in the many voices that transmit over the radio waves. One of those voices was Richmond Briggs- a man who has claimed to climb up from the bottom and work his way from the top- the perfect rags to riches story. Aspiring to be just like him one day, Mite continues pushing forward.

After being defeated by the world time and time again, Mite finally receives the opportunity of a lifetime. Briggs is hosting a worldwide competition, hosted on his very own island chain- the Lumio Cup. And the prize? The title of heirship to the entire Richmond fortune. Mite simply can't let a gift like this pass him by. And so, with hope in his heart for the first time in 15 years, he boards the nearest ship to Lumio and registers for the tournament. The tournament, of course, requires all competitors to leave their previous Pokémon by the wayside throughout the duration, but that isn't too much of a problem considering Mite had never even held a Poké Ball before.

Each round of the cup has trainers traveling to a new island in the chain, catching whatever Pokémon may be present there (with certain limitations set by the Trainer's Guild), battling other competitors to gain the experience and levels necessary to win. Afterwards, they will be called back to the central Richmond Dome for a 1v1 elimination battle- the winner gets to continue onto the next round.
Each island contains its own small story, with unique characters to meet and fun maps to explore. Every design and dialogue box has been crafted with care, and I do hope that the writing will be one of the highlights of this story.


Right right, of course, the part that you're actually here for. Pokémon Champions will feature:
  • Following Pokémon! (Obviously.)
  • Unique battle backgrounds, trainer classes, Pokédex entries, shiny pallets, movesets, TM and Tutor lists, and UI.
  • Customizable Pokédex entries!
  • Unique move animations that, after some time has passed, will be public assets available for community use.​
  • New regional forms, such as Luminian Hoothoot or Spinarak, some of which will feature their own regional evolutions.​
  • Quality of Life Features such as party renaming, wild item drops, and centralized service providers.​
  • MAYBE FAKEMON if we have the time and the spriters and the artists.​
What are we looking for?

So far, I've been developing this mostly as a solo project. That means I'm currently looking for people who can pick up the slack with skills that I don't necessarily consider myself proficient in. This includes:
  • Spriters (Top priority!)
  • Artists
  • Coders
  • Composers
  • (Maybe a Mapper, but you need to be really skilled because all I really need one for is touching up my maps)
  • Playtesters (Special requirements, please apply through here)

Okay, alright, that sounds good. But how do I contact you?

I'm glad you asked, intrepid thread viewer. You can contact me via:

My Discord: Turner#1940
Replying to this thread directly

Sending me a direct message
Or by joining the game's official Discord.
Please also send examples of your work!


Okay, okay! Fine! Here are some screenshots- I've been working really hard on this game.

Okay one more time the official project Discord is here. Go join it, even if you aren't interested in joining the project team!
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