Completed PokéClicker

This project is complete. Any future revisions will be bug fixes or small updates.
Game Title:

Game Screenshots:


Game Download:
Note: Game does contain flickering lights. It is safe to play for the first few minutes, but after a bit it gets crazy with particles.
Download the game right here!

Made Using:
Engine: Unity
Ide: Visual Studio Code

Dev: @Voltseon

I made the game in under 3 hours, please have mercy.
It's a pretty basic clicker game, so don't get any high expectations!

Resource Pack:
Download the resource pack right here!

Game made by @Voltseon

Assets by the Relic Castle Staff

Font: Bubblegum Sans
Soundeffects: Mixkit

Game made in Unity

Here's where I used graphics:
Table, Trainer, Leaves, Mail and Shoes are powerups
Pokéball is the button!
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Updated the game to v1.1
What changed?
Nothing much, I made the particles not go crazy for those who don't handle flashing lights well.
Also so that people who are playing on a toaster can still enjoy it without having to render millions of particles.
Lastly improved how the upgrades behave so that it's not just a batch each X seconds but per purchase so that you don't have to keep waiting 30 seconds for your shoes upgrade.
It doesn't really change anything gameplay wise, just makes sure you're safe while playing!
It's short and sweet, but still fun! I feel like it's almost like a "mascot game" for this jam- it's just the required graphics and a fun gameplay element, and it was made in three hours, it's like the essence of the game jam!

One suggestion I would have, though, is to maybe include a little description about the click rates for each item- it's clear that each item is an improvement over the other by the higher price tag, but not by how much? I was never sure if I should try to buy more of a cheaper item or save up for the bigger one.


Berserk Inferno
Jun 21, 2019
So, I really wanna give my feedback on every game I play for the jam, but there's honestly not much to say about this. It's really well-made, and it's just a fun timepass game, honestly. I think one thing that I was confused about was the click rates for each item, I'd recommend adding some sort of manual/help section to help people understand that better, but otherwise, the game was pretty nice. Another potential feature I would've enjoyed would be the ability to change the music based on the number of clicks/jams you're at, or something like that. Otherwise, solid game Voltseon!


A wild Minun appeared!
May 17, 2017
It's so addicting it's stupid and at the end of the day my finger hurts. I'm just too much into clicker games xD
yes I replayed it 3 times