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Suggestions to improve Essentials


Pokémon Essentials dev
Essentials Developer
The smallest inconsistency, but while most "multi-word" methods and other keywords are named "likeThis" (obtainMode, obtainText, abilityFlag...), PokeBattle_Pokemon uses "ballused" not "ballUsed".
The same goes for "totalhp". I'd like to use camelCase everywhere, but changing this would require additional code for backwards compatibility.

...And before anyone chimes in about how easy that would be, I know. It's still clutter and I don't want it. It's not so big a deal that it justifies aliases or additional methods or whatever would be involved. It can get changed as part of a bigger update that will be focussed on this kind of stuff and intentionally breaks backwards compatibility, and I'm fine with that.

Mr. Gela

Discord: theo#7722
A small visual fancy pants improvement:
I'm personally using RBYGSC numbers in my databox, as the original games the battle screen is emulating.
Compare the "right" number font I've turned to using, to the one in default Essentials, and the battle scene in the main games:

Mine's not a perfect re-creation of the number display, but I also think including that font as a "legacy" font or as the numbers font for the battle screen would make for a neat minor cosmetic upgrade. I think accuracy/faithfulness to the real deal is important to many people. It's not hard to code at all for me, it's just annoying to force fonts onto others for a (subjectively, I'll give you that) better experience and looks.