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    Nov 14, 2014
    I'm pretty content with all of the features and what not in Essentials as is, I do have two quality of life suggestions though. I think I suggested these on Discord once, but I'll repeat them here since this is a better area for suggestions.

    Suggestion A) Regional Dex Editing

    Definitely a quality of life suggestion for devs. Editing regional dexes can be a pain if you're doing it by hand in the pokemon.txt PBS file, and while the regional dex editor is a step up and easier to use, it's still a hassle compared to manually editing other PBS files.

    An easier (in my opinion anyways) way would be to let devs enter it manually by Pokemon ID in a PBS file or script. Something like:
    Devs have likely organized a spreadsheet or something of the sort when making a regional dex, which means they'd likely have their Pokemon IDs handy.

    I can only speak for myself on this, but I can write down Pokemon IDs significantly faster than I can use the regional dex editor to navigate 600+ Pokemon IDs, even with using Page Up & Page Down to get through it quicker. The regional dex definitely has value, and would still have value even if this was in place, but this would be a much faster process I think.

    Suggestion B) Town Map Scrolling

    Probably more of a pipe dream, but I'll suggest it nonetheless since I firmly believe it would unlock a lot of potential for projects. If you decide to take a look into reworking how region maps work, please consider letting region maps be larger than the screen resolution and having the map scroll to accommodate this.

    It could be argued that region maps don't really need to be bigger than the default screen resolution, but I don't see why the possibility shouldn't be there if it's possible. By allowing them to be bigger, devs can come up with more creative region maps and add more detail. Things like the region map from Pokemon Reborn would be more commonplace, just without a size restriction.

    Another region map that comes to mind is the one from Pokemon Uranium; it was split into West and East. I think it would have benefited from such an improvement, and squishing the two maps together would have likely had some details lost. It would also be helpful in this scenario since you would ideally be able to use Fly to travel to where ever in the region, versus splitting the region map up and having to come up with some sort of work around for not being able to fly between them.