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Postal Service Dev
Dec 18, 2019
Hello, my name is Turner, and I'm here to playtest your game. That's right, you! Your game, right now!

What's that? You don't think you need a playtester? Do you think you have enough playtesters? Oh on the contrary. I will crash into your walls, I will walk behind all of your houses, scouring the world for any remaining tileset priority or passability issue. I will catch every Pokémon there is to see, train them all up, and explore their movesets fully. I will read every box of dialogue, do every optional sidequest, all for the sake of playtesting.

Expertise: I have spent the last 2 years of my life becoming not only a better playtester but also a better developer, working on not only Pokémon Nexus but also releasing my own game in the form of Pokémon Postal Service.

Does your game have fakemon or regional variants? After spending 2 years as the lead developer of Pokemon Nexus, an entirely fakemon-based game, I have plenty of experience with critiquing designs as well as offering feedback on how to improve and better utilize your existing designs.

Does your game have custom moves, stats, or TMs? Of course it does, what sort of game would it be otherwise? I have experience refining these movesets and making sure every level is scaled properly to an individual Pokémon's strengths.

Does your game have... A map? How else would you be running around in it? I have plenty of experience as a mapper, 2 years in fact, and I am more than willing to offer mapping critique. The structure, the layout, the look. Maybe your player can see the void on one specific area? I'll see it, and you'll be the first to know.

Examples of work: I've done my fair share of playtesting in the past, and so I'll lay out some notable games here!

Pokemon Sage- One of the largest projects out there, of course you know this one.

Pokemon Parallax- Made by LuxDiablo among others for the Relic Castle 2020 Summer Jam and can be found here.

Pokemon HGSS Sevii Islands- Made by PurpleZaffre and can be found here.

Pokemon Villain Jam- Also made by PurpleZaffre and can be found here.

Pokemon Enigma- Made by MegaMew47 and can be found here.

Pokemon Parallel- Made by JaoCraftBr and can be found here.

I've also playtested/are currently playtesting for plenty of games that, sadly, don't have a current release available but I can simply name. Some of these include:

Pokemon: The Fierna Games
Pokemon "Red Eyes"
Pokemon Sinister Symphony
Pokemon Alpha Paradox
Pokemon Tamakamf

Method of contact: I vastly prefer to be spoken to/speak with people over Discord! You can find me @Turner#1940. Otherwise, send me a direct message or comment on this thread.

I work in the EST timezone. I work regularly from 2 PM EST onwards, so the best times to contact me are between 10 AM EST and 2 PM EST. This schedule does not change on weekends.

That's it, I guess! Thank you for giving me your time, everyone, and I really hope I turn out to be exactly the playtester you're looking for. I look forward to hearing back from you!


Project Darkness Creator
Feb 17, 2021
well you look real deal. I could probably have you work for me once I get my game released to early access playtesters and beta testers. you did say that you could critique peoples maps to give them ideas on how to make it better, so until the game is released to early access play testers and beta testers maybe you could do that, even though you're mostly looking to play test? hop into my discord and ping me. Discord server: