Recruiting Pokemon Falcon

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Queen Queef
Jul 26, 2020
Welcome to Pokemon Falcon. This is a fan made project by the Shotac Development Team! This game is made using Pokemon Essentials (RPG Maker XP)

Story's Outline:

You start out as a 16 year old child, who recieves a call late at night from the Professors Assistant, Harley. Harley informs you that your dad, who is actually the Professor, want's you to research different Ruins and Catacombs and find ancient relics and artifacts that could break discovery history! While in a ruin, you and Harley discover something far more rare than what you originally searching for. You find a scripture tablet explaining about Primal Arceus and what it is! You report this back to your dad and later realize that your not the only one in search of these relics. Team Falkry is also on the search, but for something different, they are trying to find the peices of the relics that they need to revive Arceus, deep in Victory Catacombs. What will happen next? Explore the Nilta region, discovering new things, pokemon, forms, and alot more! Do you have what it takes to stop Team Falkry and figure out what needs to be done to counteract this madness?

Unique Features we can bring:

  • 150+ New Fakemon
  • Niltanian Form Pokemon
  • Relic Form Pokemon
  • Returning Regions
  • Multiple Regions in the main story
  • New Mechanics
  • New Items
  • New Moves
  • New Abilities
  • Custom Megas
  • Karma System
  • Side Quests
  • Complete obtainable National Dex
  • Unique Graphics
  • Custom Graphics


What we are looking for:

Spriters - (This is one of the main spots we need filled, a few more would be nice!) To make sprites for our fakemon and regional provided from concept art!
Line Artists - (This is one of the main spots we need filled, a few more would be nice!) To draw art for our Fakemon and Regionals!
Composers - To make a completely custom OST!
Mappers - To assist the lead developer with mapping!

Method of contact:

Our Lead Developer on discord: falcary#0001
Our Co Developer on discord: Raysum#5315
Our Assistant Developer on discord: Ash Dog#0001

Our discord link:

For anymore information, just join our discord for help with anything or personally DM the lead developer, they are online all the time 24/7.