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Jan 21, 2021
Hi there! I am looking for people to help with my new project, Pokemon Chaos! It is made using Pokemon Essentials. These are the positions I am looking for:
Composer (Gen 4 or 5 style)
Spriter (For pokemon, generally)

Here is the basic plot of the story:
You are a 13 year old rookie trainer, starting your Pokemon Journey. While attempting to beat all of the gyms and challenge the Pokemon League, you meet, and have to stop, Team Quantum, an organization dedicated to letting the legendary Pokemon Giratina leak antimatter into the world to expand their power (open to changes).

Unique features:
New regional variants (No sprites yet, sorry!)
A gen 4 (Dppt/hgss) graphical style
4 different difficulties, ranging from easy to extra hard. This difficulty will affect important trainer battles. Easy is on the level of an actual pokemon game, while Extra hard will require proper teambuilding and EV training.
Hms removed.
Many pokemon have had their types changed to fit the pokemon better, such as Luxray now being electric/dark, or mega absol being dark/fairy.
Other pokemon have had their shinies changed.
New characters (Not unique, but still felt I should put it)

EDIT: Forgot to mention! Some other unique features are a new type (sound), and new megas, also no sprites, but megas for pokemon like froslass and flygon!
Below are some screenshots/trainer sprites
EDIT 2: I forgot to let you know where to contact me! DM me on discord, n1ck0411 #7084

Screenshot 2021-02-11 114138.pngScreenshot 2021-02-10 113135.pngScreenshot 2021-02-11 113039.pngtrainer157_1.png
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