Recruiting Pokémon: I Choose You

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Oct 10, 2020
Looking to recruit :-
  • Gen-4 style pixel artist (Spriter) , Overworld and NPC Sprites .👍
  • Writers that are good at dialogue & Story Editor . 👍
  • Composers who work in a Gen 4 or 5 style . 👍
  • Coder who knows scripting well & help with project . 👍
  • Artists that are good at overlays and fogs making, IE a sunshine layer, or shadowy layer for caves. 👍
( You must have a good experience and show example of your previous work .)
Project Title :
Pokémon: I Choose You

Team Name/Team Members :
Team ICY

Briéf Summary :

Hello! I am PokeMVdeveloper (Maroof_v) and I'm currently working on the game called Pokemon I Choose You, In this Game whatever happens in the Pokemon I Choose You movie with Ash Ketchum will be the same happen in this game .And I am also adding some extra features to make this game more interesting.

Game Style :

  • Gen-4 Style (Hgss Style game) .
  • All Gen-1 to 7 pokémons .
  • Gen-5 Style Battling System .
  • And more feature coming soon before it's released. 👍
Requirement :
  • Coder
  • Spriter
  • Mapper
  • Writter
  • Server Manager ( To manage a Discord Server properly )
Progress Screenshots :
  • Pictures
Shot 0001.png
Shot 0002.png
Shot 0007.png
Shot 0004.png
Shot 0005.png

Shot 0009.png
Shot 0011.png

  • Extra Feature
View attachment PokeRide_Charizard.mp4
Contact Information : ( Pokemon: ICY )
{: )
My Discord Server Link :- Click Here
My Personal Discord name :- Maroof_v#3621
Spriter can also contact me through Deviant Art :- Click Here

Thank You for viewing this thread .🙂🙂🙂
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Jul 28, 2020
I can ask you to renew the link to discord because this one does not work
(I have a new discord account with my sister)