Creative June Fakeathon 2017

Involuntary Twitch

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The Great June Fake-a-thon 2017
A Fantasy - themed Fakemon Challenge​

Art by StarryNight-Skye @deviantart​

What is a Fakeathon?
A Fakeathon is a monthly art challenge that began with Involuntary Twitch's Faketober Challenge in 2015. The concept is simple: design & draw at least one new Pokémon or creature a day, for 30 days, based on daily prompts revolving around a theme. You can use any medium: traditional art, digital art, pixel art, whatever. Additional details, such as names, types, stats, etc. are entirely optional and up to you!

How do I participate? Are there any requirements?
Anyone can partake in a Fakeathon! Simply follow the prompt provided for that day - or pick & choose whichever prompts you like! You don't have to be a serious artist or spend a lot of time on it. You aren't required to do all 30 days, either - it's just for fun. Share your designs with others using the #Fakeathon tag on Twitter, Tumblr and DeviantArt.
Spread the love of Pokémon, and let's have a good time creating artwork together!

Daily Prompts
Theme: Fantasy Worlds​
Day 1 - Knight​
Day 2 - Dragon​
Day 3 - Princess​
Day 4 - Fairy​
Day 5 - Goblin​
Day 6 - Ogre​
Day 7 - Rat​
Day 8 - Wizard​
Day 9 - Elf​
Day 10 - Horse​
Day 11 - Thief​
Day 12 - Archer​
Day 13 - Barbarian​
Day 14 - Golem​
Day 15 - Armor​
Day 16 - King​
Day 17 - Queen​
Day 18 - Excalibur​
Day 19 - Gnome​
Day 20 - Mirror​
Day 21 - Fox​
Day 22 - Skeleton​
Day 23 - Angel​
Day 24 - Crown​
Day 25 - Lich​
Day 26 - Kobold​
Day 27 - Druid​
Day 28 - Legendary #1​
Day 29 - Legendary #2​
Day 30 - Legendary #3​

If you would like to be added to this list, simply comment below and I'll add you!
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A Martian Hyena
Awesome idea! I'm getting a fantasy vibe, seeing all the prompts! I'm really curious to see what others will come up with, given that some prompts are often much easier fitting of humanshaped pokemon at first thought.
I'm no artist whatsoever, but I like to try to think up new fakemon every now and then. I do think I'll pass up on drawing them, I'll just create my own lil'pokedex entries for them, with maybe some additional info.
While I don't think I'll be able to participate in this, I'm really excited to see all the amazing Fakemon that will come out of it! Reading through the prompts, I'm already really feeling the fantasy vibe and I'm expecting some great things to come out of them! Hope everyone entering has fun!!
Oh, boy, another Fakeathlon! Your October one was absolutely amazing, Twitch, and I'm so glad some of the designs made their way into Uranium! I can't wait to see all the Fakemon that come from this one!

I don't think I'll be participating fully in this one-my drawing skills are not exactly amazing-but I hope I can make a few days! (I've actually got an elf concept I've been toying around with, and this would be a great time to work on finalizing it!)


Annoying Twit
Sure, I'll try it out, I can't guarantee every day participation but sign me up!


Elite Trainer
Yes!! I'm really looking forward to this! The fantasy world theme looks like a really fun basis! (And doing them all as collaborations with Canary is going to be awesome! We both design Fakemon all the time and they're working with me on my main project, but somehow I feel like we've never directly collaborated on one shared design, so I'm glad they suggested it! plus it will probably be a motivator to keep me on freaking task for once)

Sauce Gnoblin

i miss my wife karen please dont leave
Sign me up too!

I feel like some of these prompts are gonna be quite difficult, especially something like Knight which is such a broad topic (as well as the fact that Excalibur, Armor and Horse are all later prompts). Stuff like Fox and Rat seem kinda thrown in there, would have been nice to see something like an Ent/Spriggan or Necromancer or something.

Overall this should still be pretty fun!

Involuntary Twitch

Pixel Artist & Writer
Day 1 - Knight

Squirebit [grass]
The Rabbit Pokémon
It trains every day using a carrot as its weapon. If it accidentally eats the carrot, it has to search out a new one before it can fight again.


Bunnight [grass]
The Knight Pokémon
A disciplined and honorable Pokémon, it fights in the name of justice and will always leap to defend those weaker than it.


Saladin [grass]
The Green Knight Pokémon
Not only is it a hardy and capable fighter, but it possesses the incredible ability to regrow any armor that is torn in battle. It never backs down from a challenge.