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Resource [PSDK] Non-Binary Support 1.0


happy dev
Aug 5, 2017
Buttjuice submitted a new resource:

[PSDK] Non-Binary Support - These scripts will add in support for those who wish to add non-binary (or third) protagonist choice

Hi there, been a while since I've contributed anything. Today I'm brining some plug-and-play scripts that were made with the intentions to add in support for a non-binary protagonist!

Please know this script sets variable 495 to a "gender" variable (0 = female, 1 = male, 2 = nb). This can be changed by modifying "00402 Gender_variable" and changing the number.

What this script does:
  • It modifies how PSDK looks at gender. By default PSDK uses a switch that gets turned on/off, I...

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