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Okay, so this is an odd once (pun intended) but I had to share this because my life just got flipped turned upside down (And other Fresh Prince lyrics). So a few months ago, while streaming with my friends The Standard Nerds, my friend Brice was shiny hunting, and this uncanny, unlikely sequence of events happened.

After calling a shiny oddish from the grass, I thought my shiny oddish excitement had peaked. Last night, I was proven so very wrong. During my Create-A-Mon Hack-Locke over on Twitch, I randomly stumbled upon a full Gen 3 odds shiny. The title of the video should make it pretty easy to figure out what it was.

For your convenience, the Twitch highlight is over here, with full chat replay: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/148417193

This pretty much made my life last night. I just felt like sharing. Anybody else got any insane shiny stories?
Oh, I have a favorite shiny story I like to tell:

So, with X and Y, my brother wanted to get all the possible choice Pokemon. Trouble is, his want also extended to the legendary birds at the end-so he would play all the way through the game, get the bird, and then I would get a box ready with comMons for him to trade them over to my game, and we'd start the process over. I was out on Route 1, catching some Fletchlings and Bunnlebys, and wouldn't you know it, I ran across a shiny Fletchling!

I hadn't even thought about shinies the entire course of the game (I very rarely find any), but catching that Fletchling reminded me of something I had read about earlier-the PokeRadar! I really wanted a shiny Litleo, so I headed over to Route 22 and tried chaining. Kept getting interrupted, and I was about to lose it when an Azurill interrupted yet another chain-until I realized it was shiny.

I'm pretty sure all my shiny luck was compacted into that event, because I never again found a shiny in the main games. (and even in games with boosted rates like Uranium and Reborn, I only find one)


mulberry ambush
Well, there was the time I found two shiny oddish in nearly the same place in two different games. Found one in Ruby's Safari Zone, and then a little while later found one immediately outside Emerald's Safari Zone. Always thought that was kinda amusing, and hey, now I have a matching vileplume/bellossom set.


Just going to repost something of mine from Reddit:
  • I was trying to get a Happiny for two hours straight.
  • Was chaining through Route 1 Pichu.
  • Another hour.
  • Find a shiny Pichu, decided to catch it.
  • Refused to stay in anything I threw at it for fifty turns.
  • Knocked out another ally cuz I've no status-inflicting moves.
  • Repeats for another long time.
  • Shiny Happiny appears. (sigh......)
  • Decided to catch the Happiny after 30 minutes of debating.
  • Little monster wouldn't stay in the ball.
  • 30-50 balls later, catch it.
  • Evolve it all the way to Blissey.
  • Absolutely disgusted by Blissey's Shiny color, Chansey somehow made green shinies cool again.
  • Totally not worth it.
  • ...
  • Still haven't got a Shiny Pichu.