v18 Adding new terrains, weathers and abilities.

This thread pertains to v18 of Pokémon Essentials.


Nov 7, 2020
I was sure i posted this thread, but looks like i didn't. If i posted this twice forgive me, this was not my intention.
So, i started using essentials 18.1 and i immediately noticed that the scripts involving abilities were modified and tutorials and abilities from 17.2 are different, since they involve writing in places that don't exist anymore. So i was wondering: if i want to add an ability where do i need to edit the code? I noticed that there are various "pages" of scripts that are related to abilities. If that can help you, the abilities i'm working on are: A type boosting ability (like Transistor), a stat boost on type hit (like Justified), a terrain summoner ability (like Psychic Surge) and an immunity ability (like Levitate).

Aside from this, to add the terrain ability it's obvious that i also need to add the terrain it summons. I added it in PBBattleTerrains, but i don't know what else i need to edit to add its effects. The effect i'd like to add is something like a reverse version of grassy terrain, that damages any pokemon affected by the terrain except pokemon of a certain type.
I guess that weathers work in a similar manner, so i'll take the chance to ask where do i need to add weather effects as well.

Last but not least i have another question about terrains... Where do i need to put the terrain's graphics? I couldn't find the place to put them.

EDIT: Just noticed that a thread needs approal (probably from staff). Since my previous post appeared, i edited that, so you can delete this.
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