Work in Progress Secrets of the Ages

This project is a work in progress. The content is subject to change, and not finished yet.
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Work in Progress


The year is 1924 in the fast and ever-changing region of Rian.
Times are moving and this world struggles with the evolution of tradition into modernity.

After a chance discovery on your family farm of a mysterious gemstone, and a subsequent burglary in the night, you find yourself thrust into
an exploration of the region, hot on the trail of an elusive, secretive organisation with no clear leaders, no clear motives and no clear goals.
Through chance or fate you enter the Pokémon Conference, a recently created elite battle network. You may find some of the more...
traditional leaders haven't taken too kindly to your presence. Fight, explore and learn about the mysteries of Rian.

Strange events start occurring around the region - reports of strange, maddened people, Pokémon appearing where
they've never been seen before and several disappearances - including an entire ship of people.

What is the Syndicate? Who is the enigmatic Count Furness? And what connection do they have to the strange events?
This is an ongoing project and we'd love for you to get involved. Check below for recruitment (DMs only please) and if you'd like join our Discord!




  • An all-new region based on a fusion of 1920's America, Britain and South Africa, featuring 8 new gym leaders.
  • A unique time setting, based in the past, with a hidden mechanic to allow a connection to the modern-day Pokémon world...
  • Character customisation engine! Choose every aspect of your player and customise the colours however you'd like, with an array of clothing to purchase around the region
  • Mega evolutions make their return! Several new Mega evolutions to bring life to old Pokémon, as well as new evolutions, are planned!
  • Phenomena make their return from Generation V, with shaking grass and dust clouds enabling players to snag rare items or Pokémon.
  • Rian Forms - unique appearances and evolutions for several Pokémon, including the starter Pokémon Totodile, Cyndaquil & Chikorita.
  • And many more, including an unreal time system, Gen 8 quality of life improvements and a carefully-chosen mix of Pokémon from all generations.

New Pokémon

While the region has a varied mix of Pokémon from many generations, some new faces appear to join the roster. Here's a small selection of the many new 'mons:
Boxing Pokémon

Lightning Rod Pokémon

Swamp Kitten Pokémon

Timekeeping Pokémon



I hope to be able to provide a demo for the game by early next year. Currently the first 3 towns with a gym are mostly done, with work progressing smoothly on the first city, also to contain a gym. I'd like for the demo to provide access to the first 5 gyms in the region, so there's a lot more to do!

I'd love to hear from you if you could help us with any of these roles.
  • Artist (hand-drawn, Sugimori): I'd love to be able to turn these monster designs and trainer designs into official artwork, and for help designing new trainers and monsters
  • Artist (pixel art): we could always use an extra hand with the pixel art for many scenes
  • Writer: someone with great command of English and experience writing the many events and dialogue boxes that you'll see in the game
  • Game designer: if you have talent in creating stories, shaping events and planning areas, let me know!
Send me a PM if you'd be interested in helping :)


Boonzeet - Art, music, programming, direction
Saucecoie - Game direction
Flaradar - Art, character design, Fakemon design
LuxDiablo - Music

With thanks to, for art, Essentials and help with code:
Maruno, Marin, Asdren, Saucecoie, FL, KleinStudio, Luka S.J., Nuri Yuri, GiraPrimal, Flamguru, Poccil, BR0DE0, Snivy101
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