Work in Progress Pokemon: Aio Chronicle

This project is a work in progress. The content is subject to change, and not finished yet.
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The return of Team Rocket is evident. Years after their loss in Kanto and defeat in Johto, they have now set their eyes on the Aio Region, a large island chain seated in tradition but ever-moving forward to a high-tech future. A great secret lies here that may bring their former leader, Giovanni, back to lead them once again. Will you be able to stop Team Rocket from restoring their former glory?

-A decently sized demo (Coming Soon): The most current demo plays up to and little bit beyond the 6th gym (I played the demo myself, knowing what to do and where to go, and even then clocked in at 20 hours.)
-Explore: The large region of Aio, an island chain with influences in science, technology and tradition. From Timeless Cave filled with living fossils; to the sun-soaked resort of Amber Town. Reach the tops of snow-covered mountains and even the expanses of space! (Both coming soon)
-Evolve: Pokemon the required trade/trade and item to evolve now just require level/level while holding item to evolve.
-Battle: With a starting Pokedex of 300, this game includes Pokemon from gens 1-5. (The end goal is to have every one of the 649 Pokemon obtainable in game at some point)
-Meet the new Team Rocket: Battle against the new interim Leader of Team Rocket, their vengeful Admins, and the eccentric Dr. Albedo!
-Go on the Hunt: Obtain the Hunt Notebook, which allows you to start looking for Hunt Papers, mysterious notes left behind that allow you to seek out strong Pokemon of each type! (3 available currently)
-Make Friends: Forge friendships with Trainers who will (eventually) help you in your journey! From up and coming Rapper Max Alan to Gym Leader protégé and Spirit Seer Sharron.

Game Screenshots:
(The large metropolis of Industria)
(The sandy ruins of the Wailing Desert)
(The restaurant-gym of Marzipan Village)
(Battling Team Rocket in the depths of Timeless Cave)

Industria.pngWailingDesert.png FancyGym.png

Notes: This is a passion project made by me, working 99% by myself. I'm no artist therefore many characters are just sprite recolors of gen 3 sprites, why a lot of art looks stock, why the battle system is stock, nor am I versed in how to change graphics which is why the game sticks closer to Pokemon Essentials.


Uses Pokemon Essentials
Music from:
Pokemon Essentials
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon music is a MIDI rip from Sara Sarnicki
"Foresight", "Gameplan", "Long Nights", "No Hook", and "Past" are songs created by my friend Max Alan which he allowed me to put in the game.