Completed Pokémon Round Edition: The Redux

This project is complete. Any future revisions will be bug fixes or small updates.
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The Introduction:
Pokémon Round Edition was created with the Pokémon Essentials Kit, and originally made for the PokéCommunity Game Jam back in April of 2019. The theme was "circular" and I went a little overboard on it. In the end, I wasn't terribly happy with how it turned out and decided to go back through and polish it up some more. The Redux now contains a few new areas and an reworked story. And maybe a couple of hidden secrets or two.

The Story:
You are tasked with finding and retrieve a package intended for the great and intelligent and wise Dr. Professor! Of course, it always seems to be just out of reach! You have to travel the unnaturally round Roundius Region, meeting new friends and new foes, all the while asking yourself if it's really worth the effort! It's the epic mediocre quest you never knew you wanted to experience (because you probably didn't)!

The Features:
  • Round Pokémon! Way too many Round Pokémon!
  • Increased Shiny Odds! Because wynaut!
  • I wish I there were more!
The Download:
The Link!

The Screenshots:


The Credits:
Made with Pokemon Essentials by
-Poccil, FlameGuru, and Maruno

Mega Glalie Sprite by

Mega Tyranitar Sprite by

Gen IV Item Icons by

Gen VI Item Icons by

RSE Shiny Animation Graphics by
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I like your funny words, magic man!
Apr 10, 2017
This game is pretty good, in a round about way. ba-dum-tst