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This project is complete. Any future revisions will be bug fixes or small updates.
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The 3dPE Halloween Demo is a short, Pokémon-themed adventure game for PC and Mac.

You're walking in the forest when you hear a shout; you realise you don't recognise your surroundings. An old, crumbling gateway is nearby, and a well-dressed butler is beckoning. Can you help?

3dPE is a game engine I've been developing for a few years now. It's not only meant for Pokémon fangames, but it'll be very easy to create them with it in the future. For more information, you can visit our website, or the tumblr devblog.

The demo was partly designed to show off the engine’s current capabilities, so there are beautiful 3D maps, atmospheric lighting, swooshy camera moves, and more. There are no Pokémon battles, but there are puzzles and traps to work your way through as you discover the story.

3dPE is still extremely in-alpha, so you may experience crashes or slow performance. If you want to help improve it, or just tell me what you think, come join our Discord!

If you want to make a fangame like this yourself, come hang out. We're just starting to get things properly rolling, so there'll be lots of development in the near future. I really, really need fangame makers to come and tell me what they need or want! And test the software lol

Please let me know what you think of it!

Enjoy the game, and happy Halloween!


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