Recruiting Pokémon Veize Continuation (Pokémon Essentials)

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Jul 11, 2018
Having worked on Pokémon Veize for a month for the game jam I realised that I am unable to make a good game.

Although I do believe my mapping was not terrible, It is quite evident that I have no talent for pixelart and coding.

As of right now I'm recruiting one or two artists and a coder? (I have no experience in leading a dev team as Veize was my first project and It was solo.)

To summarise everything:

Project Title: Pokémon Veize (name not final)

Positions Needed: 2 pixel artists (tilesets, UI, OWs, trainer sprites, panoramas) and a coder.

Progress: The demo is available here.

Contacts: Dm me on discord @Karma#5299.

Future Plans: My plan is to make a lot of new interesting areas and flesh out the areas already present in the game. I also plan to update the game to v.18 of Essentials while also adding EBDX to the game in the future. The UI also needs to be reworked as It is terrible as of now. Concerning the story of this game It doesn't really have one, however through doing quests you will be able to experience many bizzare short stories that I'll try to make interesting. There are also plans to create a lot more "Social Links" and change the way you are scored in game.

DISCLAIMER: Because this game started as a game jam project I think It would be best to make any new recources created for Veize public.

PS: This is a casual project.
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