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Oct 1, 2018
Pokémon Vengeance is recruiting!

Pokémon Vengeance (note that the logo is a work in progress) is made using Pokémon Essentials and is inspired by Pokémon Reborn and Rejuvenation. It takes place in the Verdiva Region, which consists of 3 main islands:

Deloria Island:

Cryolysis Island:

Dritari Island:


You, the player, start in Goldsong Village. This quaint village is on the west coast of Deloria and is known for its beautiful autumn atmosphere. You are visiting your older sister, Aria, for the first time in many years, and are away from your home and parents in Graywave City. Your family, the Knight family, is known throughout the region due to everyone's amazing accomplishments. Your mother, Artemis, was a champion for a long time until her soon-to-be husband, Lucius, defeated her in battle. Even Artemis' sister, Hera, is well-known due to her Elite Octet status. Lucius and Artemis went on to have 3 children: Anthony, Aria, and you, the player. Anthony is known for his recent status as a Gym Leader, and he was at the top of his class at Darkleaf Academy. Aria, of course, went off to Kalos and earned her name as Kalos Queen. That leaves you. How will you earn a name for yourself? Will you live up to your family's reputation, or will you forge your own instead? How will you react when your perception of reality is shattered? How will you exact your revenge (or towards whom)?

During your time visiting Aria, a tragedy befalls your parents at their home in Graywave City. Verdiva, no longer under the protection of their champion(s), is overcome with people competing for new control over the region. Two new organizations reveal themselves after this tragedy, but their goals and practices differ immensely. Team Regal wishes to seize control of Verdiva now that the two strongest trainers are gone and the region is in disarray. Team Celestial, on the other hand, wishes to prevent people from gaining too much power, because once someone is strong enough to capture legendary Pokémon, they have the ability to disrupt the natural balance and stability in the world, which has been seen countless times in the past. Ultra Space will also be a major focus of Pokémon Vengeance, and the player will be able to explore many aspects of it along his/her journey. You and Aria must become trainers so that you can avoid the fate your parents experienced and choose how to serve justice.


- 18 Gyms
Each Gym specializes in a specific type, and no two Gym Leaders are fought on the same field. Their teams and strategies will differ slightly based on your actions/decisions. Several Gym Leader rematches will be available, both in the Pokémon World Tournament and the gyms themselves. (More information about rematches is under "New Moves/Abilities" and "Improved and expanded "Pokémon World Tournament".)
- Elite Octet
The Elite Octet is similar to the Elite Four of other regions, except here, each trainer specializes in a specific stat (including Accuracy and Evasion). To become a true Pokémon master, you must master both all the types and all the stats. We plan to include several different versions of teams for each member so that there is variety in their battles.
- Reborn/Rejuvenation-style Field Effects
Pokémon Reborn's fields are said to crank up the mechanics of the original terrains (Electric Terrain, Grassy Terrain, Misty Terrain, and Psychic Terrain) to 11. If this is the case, we've increased that to 12 in Pokémon Vengeance. Existing fields from Reborn and Rejuvenation are expanded to interact with many more moves and abilities, and there will possibly be more interaction with items as well. Additionally, there are 6 new fields unique to Pokémon Vengeance so far. More information about the new fields can be found in the main post for the game (linked below).
- Meaningful decisions
Your actions and choices will affect the story as well as the teams important trainers may have.
- New moves/abilities
There are many new moves and abilities available to existing Pokémon in the Verdiva Region. Each Pokémon now has access to 4 total abilities (2 normal and 2 hidden). Hidden abilities will become available at certain points throughout the story. Note that Pokémon that change their form with their ability (Aegislash, Cherrim, etc.) will not receive any new ones. New moves will be available through move tutor, and these moves are taught (and used) by the Gym Leaders of the region. Each Gym Leader has 2 unique moves, and can teach you the first move through first level rematches and the second move through second level rematches. Rematches will be available as soon as the Gym Leader is first defeated, but they may be quite difficult when attempting them at that time.
- All Pokémon available
This includes Generation 1 through Generation 8, along with the Isle of Armor expansion. It will probably include the Crown Tundra expansion once it is released. All legendaries will also be available in the post-game.
- Z-Moves
This includes USUM-exclusive Z-Moves.
- HM replacements
Items will be used instead of HMs so that "HM slaves" are not necessary.
- Improved and expanded Pokémon World Tournament
The Pokémon World Tournament will take place in Jadeburn City, and will be available starting after the third Gym. It is going to be a tremendous part of the game, and hopefully can be as entertaining as possible. All levels will be set to 50, irregardless of whether the player's Pokémon are above or below that level, which allows the player to have fun at any point in the game. The player will register trainers in a device known as the Tournament Pager throughout his/her journey, and you will see this starting right after you get your first Pokémon. The Tournament Pager will be used to register all trainers, including ones from other regions (which there will be quite a lot of). This means that they can all be found somewhere in-game, though many will only appear on certain days of the week. You can participate in the Pokémon World Tournament with anyone registered in the Tournament Pager, though more formats will be available as you register more trainers, progress in the story, and meet other requirements. More information about the specific formats of the Pokémon World Tournament can be found in the main post for the game (linked below).
- Custom Mega Evolutions
We have plans to include custom Mega Evolutions for many Pokémon so that ones with less competitive use can still be used effectively.

We are looking for:

Positions are listed in descending order of urgency

Trainer Back Sprites

Back sprites will only be needed for trainers that will team up with the player, but there are going to be quite a few of these. They will not require multiple frames like the player sprite shown here.
Trainer Overworld Sprites

There are many characters who will be part of the game, and overworld sprites come along with that. Having a few more people to help with this would speed along development.
Trainer Front Sprites

Most trainers already have a basic design for front sprites, though it would be nice to have people who can help give them a bit more of a unique feel.
Miscellaneous Pictures

Some additional art for an 18-badge trainer card, a controls screen, possibly a new logo, as well as some other things are needed. (You don't need to do all of these in order to join for this position.)
Custom Mega Evolution Design/Sprites

This will include, at a minimum, front and back sprites. Back sprites should be in the style of Generation 5. We have an artist, so we just need someone who can sprite these designs. However, if you'd like to help with designs, we'll take people for this as well.
Item Icons

This will not be much work, and will mainly consist of new mega stones and a few other miscellaneous items.

Since we are including many additions and changes to the field effect system, there is a lot of scripting that goes along with this. Therefore, if this is something you're familiar with and experienced with, this could also be helpful to speed along development. Someone to help with formats in the PWT would also be welcome.​

Please check out the main post and the first demo!

If you'd like to be a part the development team, please join the Discord and send me a DM!

Current Team:
silverlime: Project Director
wkduffy: Eventer, Balancer
Clary Hera: Writer, Balancer
Unknown_Bolt: Spriter, Mapper
Ny: Spriter
Akira: Mapper
mat3mar: Mega Evolution Artist​

Gen 7 Data:
  • Zeak6464
  • TapuFini
  • SpartaLazor
  • leparagon
  • M3rein
  • BlackOutG5
  • Rune
  • Rigbycwts
  • Rot8er_ConeX
  • James Davy
  • Luka S.J.
  • silverlime

Mega Evolution Cries:
- AurumDeluxe

Battle Sprites:
  • Pokemon Essentials Team
  • Amethyst
  • Jan
  • Zumi
  • Bazaro
  • Koyo
  • Smeargletail
  • Alex
  • Noscium
  • Leparagon
  • N-kin
  • fishbowlsoul90
  • princess-phoenix
  • DatLopunnyTho
  • Conyjams
  • kaji atsu
  • The cynical poet
  • LuigiPlayer
  • Falgaia of the Smogon S/M sprite project
  • Pikafan2000
  • Lord-Myre
  • ShinyLyni
  • AutumnSpire
  • Drawnamu
  • Duncapham
  • KalerioDion
  • TheAetherPlayer
  • Crocovyle
  • G.E.Z.
  • KingOfThe-X-Roads
  • Spook
  • Cynda
  • Involuntary Twitch
  • mjco
  • Z-nogyroP
  • PumpkinPastel
  • RadicalCharizard
  • EventHorizontal
  • zlolxd
  • Khrona
  • Andracass
  • silverlime
  • Zerokid

Trainer Battle Sprites:
  • Kyle-Dove
  • Gnomowladny
  • MegamanOmega
  • geno2925
  • PhoenixOfLight92
  • Drawnamu
  • Zender1752
  • Beliot419
  • IceJkai
  • zlolxd
  • Wiispeed03
  • Somersault
  • silverlime

Trainer Overworld Sprites:
  • Dragoon
  • Dazz
  • izzyvicious
  • PizzaSun
  • PurpleZaffre
  • DevDuelist
  • silverlime

  • GlitchxCity
  • Bliitzit
  • RetroSpecter
  • Zame
  • theultimateonejpsx
  • Kamex
  • SayMaxWell
  • DeltaHedron
  • Wisp X
  • Prometeus
  • Sully Orchestration
  • Stone McKnuckle
  • BlastProcessed
  • VanilluxePavilion

Z-Move Scripts:
- Marcello

  • Pokemon Essentials
  • Crazyninjaguy
  • Magiscarf
  • Heckelgrande
  • Pokemon Dawn
  • PrincesPhoenix
  • PkmnAlexandrite
  • Alucus
  • Kyle Dove
  • Dewitty
  • CNC
  • zetavares852
  • The English Kiwi
  • LotusKing
  • JesusCarrasco
  • Kyle dove
  • Heavy-Metal-Lover
  • xDinky
  • Newtiteuf
  • Frma96
  • Hydrargirium
  • Poison-Master
  • Thedeadheroalistair
  • Shutwig
  • Asdsimone
  • Xxdevil
  • Steinnaples
  • Hek-el-grande
  • sylver1984
  • NikNak93
  • TeaAddiction
  • Cuddlethefatcat
  • Gigatom
  • The-Red-eX
  • ChaoticCherryCake
  • EVoLiNa
  • Phyromatical
  • Clara-WaH
  • ChaoticCherryCake
  • silverlime

  • Pokemon Essentials Team
  • Pokepoke12arceus
  • Amethyst and Pokemon Reborn Team
  • Mde2001
  • Smeargletail
  • Vulpes Draconis
  • andracass

Other Art:
  • Jesse M
  • Deepzekrom
  • Midnitez-REMIX
  • Cecihoney
  • KaysCollapse
  • Pikachumazzinga

  • Pokemon Essentials Team
  • Amethyst and Reborn Team
  • Marcello
  • Jan and Rejuvenation Team
  • MR. GELA
  • WolfPP
  • FL
  • Kurotsune
  • Golisopod User
  • HM100
  • Marin
  • CaysCollapse
  • silverlime
  • Enterbrain
  • Nuri Yuri
  • GiraPrimal
  • Boonzeet

  • Pokemon Essentials Team
  • HM100
  • WolfPP
  • ardicoozer
  • silverlime

Region Map:
  • Karthik_
  • silverlime

Modular Title Screen:
- Luka S.J.
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Oct 1, 2018
We could still really use some more mappers and artists. Join if you're interested! The main post has been updated with some snippets of the new and improved region map.


Jul 24, 2020
Hi I would like to know if you are still looking for someone for the role of mapper.
I have 5 years of experience with RPG Maker.
If you use discord add me ๖̶ζ͜͡Akira⚜#5764 It's the only way to contact me anyway.


Oct 1, 2018
Hi I would like to know if you are still looking for someone for the role of mapper.
I have 5 years of experience with RPG Maker.
If you use discord add me ๖̶ζ͜͡Akira⚜#5764 It's the only way to contact me anyway.
Nice! Yes, another mapper would be very helpful. I sent a friend request on discord.


Oct 1, 2018
I just updated the main post with some new trainer overworld and front sprites. We're still looking for some artists/spriters, and a scripter could be nice as well.


Oct 1, 2018
We're still looking for artists!

Here's a sample of an edit we're making to the Chess Board field in the meantime (sorry about the formatting:
#-------------------------------- 5. Chess Board [CHB] --------------------------------#
"Opening variation set."
  • On White turns, Normal moves deal x1.5 damage and Dark moves deal x0.5 damage
  • On Black turns, Dark moves deal x1.5 damage and Normal moves deal x0.5 damage
* The following abilities additionally raise Speed upon entry:
Battle Armor Own Tempo
  • Oblivious additionally lowers Speed at the end of each turn
  • Pokemon with Levitate additonally have their Speed doubled
  • Pokemon with Trace instead have a 50% chance of using damaging moves that target the Pokemon against the attacker
  • Inner Focus additionally prevents stat reduction and ignores opponent's stat increases
  • Pressure's effect is doubled
  • Pokemon with Run Away have their Attack reduced but Speed increased upon entry
  • Pokemon with Keen Eye have an increased Critical hit rate
  • Hustle additionally applies to Special moves, but Accuracy is instead always x0.7
  • Arena Trap additionally increases opposing Pokemon's PP usage by 1
  • Steadfast additionally boosts Speed whenever the Pokemon is damaged by a move
  • Rivalry is activated regardless of gender
* These moves become 'Chess Attacks,' gaining a x1.5 increase in power and gain additional Rock type.
Psychic Strength Ancient Power Tectonic Rage
* Chess Attacks deal x2 damage to Pokemon with the following abilities:
Oblivious Simple Unaware Klutz
  • Chess Attacks deal x2 damage to Pokemon suffering from Confusion (This does not stack with the above abilities)
  • Chess Attacks deal x0.5 damage to Pokemon with the following abilities:
Adaptability Synchronize Anticipation Telepathy
  • Chess Attacks shift the background the same as it would be shifted at the end of that round
  • These moves gain double their normal stat-changing effects:
Calm Mind
  • Nasty Plot boosts Sp.Atk by a total of 3 stages
  • Trick Room lasts for 8 turns
  • These moves increase in base power x1.5:
Fake Out Feint Feint Attack
  • Nature Power becomes Court Change
  • Camouflage changes the user's type to Psychic
  • Secret Power may lower Defense
* Synthetic Seed boosts Sp.Atk and applies Magic Coat to the holder
* The following moves terminate this field:
Stomping Tantrum Tectonic Rage
  • All Pokemon have access to all (typically 4) abilities they could possibly have (this does not affect As One)
  • Effects that manipulate abilities (like Skill Swap, Gastro Acid, and Mummy) affect all of the Pokemon's abilities
  • At the end of each round, the background shifts, indicating a type of chess piece (chosen randomly) and a color (alternates each round) for the next round
  • On Pawn rounds, no special effect takes place
  • On Bishop rounds (which only can occur in doubles), moves hitting the position diagonal from the user increase in power x1.5
  • On Bishop rounds (which only can occur in doubles), moves hitting the position across from the user decrease in power x0.5
  • On Rook rounds (which only can occur in doubles), moves hitting the position across from the user increase in power x1.5
  • On Rook rounds (which only can occur in doubles), moves hitting the position diagonal from the user decrease in power x0.5
  • On Knight rounds, the priority bracket is inverted (goes back to normal temporarily if Trick Room is in effect)
  • On King rounds, x1.5 to the Defense and Sp. Def of all Pokemon
  • On Queen rounds in double battles, type effectiveness is inverted
  • On Queen rounds in single battles, x1.5 to the Attack and Sp. Atk of all Pokemon

Also a video sample that I posted on the main page:
View attachment Pokémon Vengeance 2020-11-04 16-03-50_Trim_Trim.mp4