Recruiting Pokémon HGSS: Sevii Islands


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Apr 1, 2017

Looking to recruit:
- Beta testers;
- Someone to animate Mega Pokémon Sprites in the style of gen. 5.

Method of Contact:
Either through DMs here, or add me on Discord, Zaffre#7901

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After defeating Red in Pokémon HeartGold / SoulSilver, Eusine asks for you to come with him to the Sevii Islands, since the remaining Legendary Beasts (Raikou and Entei) were spotted there, and there have been sightings of Team Rocket in the Sevii Islands, as well as rumors about Giovanni being back... Why is Team Rocket back again, and what could possibly be their business in the Sevii Islands?

-New and remixed music (and various sound effects, such as waterfall, lava, etc);
-Following Pokémon;
-Randomizer and Nuzlocke modes (as well as Randomlocke, which is both in one);
-Pokégear with new features (storage, money bank, etc);
-To stay faithful to HGSS, only Gen 1-4 Pokémon are in the game. However, fairy type is added. TMs are now infinite use too;
-Chapters instead of Gyms (since there are no gyms in the Sevii Islands). Currently there are 3 chapters playable, out of 10 planned, which consist of One Island, Two Island, Three Island and a bit more. There is also a sidequest you can complete after the first 2 chapters, and a Legendary Pokémon to catch;
- Press "Shift" to speed up your game;
- Controls are fully customizable;
-Sevii Islands!

You can check out more about the game in its main thread:

Team Members:
Only me, so far.​
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