Recruiting Pokemon Azure Needs Your Help!


Narrative Designer and Stats/Distros Guy
Sep 8, 2018

A civil war between two ancient sects has thrown Zakos into chaos. However, their true motivations run deeper than they appear on the surface. Will you be able to solve the mystery and quell a conflict that stems from the throne itself, or will the region be left at the mercy of two all-powerful legendary Pokémon?

The Region
Zakos is styled after Greece, and has a variety climates and ecosystems. There are many towns, cities, and ruins spread across the three main islands that the player can explore as they challenge The Pantheon, the twelve most powerful trainers in the region who hold the keys to the throne on top of Mt. Olympia.

The Game
Pokémon Azure is a 4th gen styled fangame in the vein of Rejuvenation and Reborn made in Pokémon Essentials. It features field effects and increased difficulty, and the availability of all 890 Pokemon. Pokemon Azure also features new regional variants, new mega evolutions and Z moves, and original tracks from our amazing composers.

What We Need
We are in need of additional spriters and mappers to help speed up work as we need more hands in those departments. If you want to help, just pm me here or on discord (pkchu#5553) with examples of your work!