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Jul 25, 2018
Hey guys !
Well, I'm actually making a pokemon game (NO REALLY?) and I lack something a lot, and that something is pixel arts.
I mean, I need some pixels arts, and I'm totally dumb with those. I tried, and it looks REALLY awful, even with simple edits. You don't believe me? Check these:
Don't worry, you're allowed to laugh.

So well, I'm alone, and I need help. But I'm not gonna ask for free. I'm broke, that's a fact, but I can offer help in exchange.
So I'll post it what I need, and what I'll pay back, and if you're interested, feel free to ask !

What I can offer :

- Easy scripts. I can make your custom abilites if they're not too much to make. I can somehow understand the functions in Essentials and tweak them to make what you would need. If you need examples about what I can make :

In case you need scripts, please ask before anything and I'll say if I can do it !

- Graphics unrelated to battlers and character. I can use photoshop well and make some cool graphics for your UI, GUI, etc. It doesn't have to be for essentials, but it would be prefeared. The first thing I could find was this :

- Assembling tilesets / converting them into 32x32 pixels. I can combine tilesets you'd like and convert a 16x16 into a 32x32 tileset. Simple as that !

- Plot ideas, narrative, lore, anything that's story related, please ask !

What I need :

- Lot of characters trainer front, overworld, and vs transition. If you'd like to help, please ask me the list, this is long.
- Custom sprites back and front of Miltank in these outfits : Popstar, Dancer, Policewoman, Firefighter, Bartender, Nurse, and a Mega. (Like the cosplays pikachus)
- Custom megas pokemons.

Shinys aren't needed, I intend to softlock them all.

This list can be updated. Just post what you'd like to give / to ask, and we'll talk ^^
I hope you'll like the idea. XOXO !
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