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Aki submitted a new resource:

Ready to use Tilesets - Tilesets compiled from a single artist's public work, ready to use in Essentials

I made these sets because I wanted to practice arranging and aligning, so I found artisits who had made a few tiles but hadn't necessarily compiled them.

Crediting the orignal artist is required!
Please do not credit me, I don't consider what I did to be a contribution worthy of aknowledgment.​

If you wanna see tilesets I've made myself, I've got...​
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Hey I just finished aligning some more tiles for my project, so if you're interested in an outdoor set for Gen 5 then maybe I saved some work fo you!
This time they all came from Ultimospriter; so please credit them and not me if you decide to use the set. It's already doubled sized, the background is removed, and the shadows have transparency, so just drop it into your project's Tileset folder and you're good to go! Erm, with the exception of writing the properties to it like passage and priority.
When I have time I'll be doing an indoor set too, but I don't know when that'll be up.



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Tons of people have probably already done this, but that's bever stopped me before!
Somehow my procrastination of working on a certain tileset loooped back around to productivity on a completly different tileset that I don't plan to use.

I don't know either, I just like tiles. Here's a new set of Essentials-formatted tiles, by Kyle-Dove.

Credit for this set goes to Kyle-Dove!
Not Aki!
I separated out a few things as separate autotiles, but they're also included in the full set.



You can just download the tileset you want and import it,

Or you can save the tileset you want directly inside of your PokemonEssentials>Graphics>Tilesets folder.
Thank you very much