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Heyo, I'm some nerd who wants to draw your deepest desires, your weirdest fantasies, your lame OC's, your good OC's, anything.
And I know what you're thinking, he doesn't mean anything, he means some things, he clearly has standards.
Well shut up, you don't know me, I have no scruples!

I really just need practice, I really picked up drawing quickly, but if I want to be good, and feel pride in my work, I need a lot of practice!

I'm asking for literally anything and everything - that opens the door to weird things like "steak" or "golurk" or "a giraffe riding a bike" and lets me expand my abilities on real requests rather than practicing on boring tutorials, there's no better way to learn something than to be thrown right into it! And having a wide range of things to draw lets me practice perspective, distance, shading, and memes.

So yes, ask me to draw literally anything and I will draw it for you.

My dumblr


I'm using a UGEE Tablet and I draw in Photohop, C17!
I've drawn before, but my only experience was with a mouse, and using a tablet is way way better!
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That's really good so far. I love the memes addition - nice! I think some colour and then it's done, unless you wanted to add something.

I was thinking something like a hand holding the paper, but a cooler idea would be some telekinetic energy making it float - just a couple of idea.

Honestly, it looks really good so far! Thanks a lot.