Recruiting Pokemon Dragon Siege

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Jul 30, 2020
What I Need: I am looking for people to make sprites for the fan-game I'm working on, I am also looking for someone to compose music for the fan-game, artists, and someone to make scripts for the battle system and more.

Method Of Contact: Here(Reply or DM)

Made using: Pokemon Essentials

Plot: Years ago a meteorite struck the Asmos Region infesting it with Alien Pokemon. In Present Day the Professor is giving out alien Pokemon to trainers to help him study the Pokemon. A meteorite is coming back so you have to complete the Asmos Challenge so that Rayquaza can trust you and you can destroy the meteorite.

Unique Features: A new battle system, which will be in the overworld and will have you attack, defend, escape, change Pokemon, or use item. Attack will only have one attack per type and has a 1% chance of a critical hit, if this happens the opposing Pokemon will not attack. The two Pokemon fight against eachother using turn-base combat.

Project Title: Pokemon Dragon Siege

Team Name/Team Members: Only me so far.

Additional Information: There is none.
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