Released Pokémon Redder and Bluer

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Jan 30, 2021

This is a fangame I've been working on since the quarantine

This Game takes place in the Kanto region 15 years after the original games. You are a 14 year old kid from Celadon city who decided to start his/her Pokemon journey by taking his/her first Pokémon from professor Oak. In Pallet town you will meet new and returning characters, including your new rival, Selene. You travel around the region to collect all the gym badges and become stronger. The story takes place after the Alola games with the return of team Rocket!

The current version goes up to the 2nd gym
3rd gym comming next version

Cool stuff

- You can use fly using any flying type through your Rotom phone (tho it's a little buggy)

- There are move relerners/ name raters in every Pokémon center

- There are no HMs

- You can view the credits for the game after fighting the "Genwunner" in the middle of Viridian city

- The story continues after you lose in important battles

- It's pretty challenging but not too challenging

- There is 1 original battle theme in the game

- Red, Blue and Green all play a role in the story

- Team Rocket has strong pokemon

Music: Bilitzit, Jfaferrie Music, KokiRemix, Adam Haynes, Pokeli
Scripts: Maruno, Luka SJ, Marin, Mr. Gela
Graphics: Smogon sprite project, Manik-Needlemouse for Jessie and James sprites, Jolly Ranchrrr
And of course the Pokemon Company, Gamefreak and Nintendo for owning Pokémon

Note that the demo has a lot of things missing or placeholders
Some of the placeholders are:

-Art for the intro and cutscenes
-Some music including Selene's theme
-Some events that are not finished

If you want to give any feedback or help me with the project consider joining my discord server

Download v1.4 (latest)
To download any older version (v1.0 to v1.3) contact SpyrosRai on discord​

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