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Game Jam Game Jam #6: Discussion



Let the jam commence yet again!
RELIC GAME JAM #6 has begun!
JUNE 30TH - AUGUST 10TH 2020

Discussion Thread
Overview Thread - Recruitment Thread
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Relic Game Jam #6

Welcome to the sixth annual Relic Castle Game Jam!

For the uninformed: a game jam is an event where developers will get together and make a game. It sounds simple at first glance, but making a good game is much more difficult and time consuming than you might think. Participating in one is a great way to challenge yourself, learn new skills, and polish your overall experience as a game developer.

2020 hasn't gone exactly as planned for anyone, but one thing remains the same: the annual summer game jam! We're very excited to see once again see a bunch of familiar faces and newcomers participate in Relic Castle's sixth game jam! You manage to impress us every single time, and we expect this year to be no different!

The Pokémon fan game community is an amazing place, and that's all thanks to each and every one of you. Take pride in that, and your hard work! Let's make this game jam a special one!

Special thanks to @FloofOtter for creating the game jam logo and theme icon this year!

Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Relic Game Jam #6 discussion thread! Here you can discuss the game jam, show progress off on your entry, get feedback on your entry, get hyped about other entries, and all that good stuff! If you're looking to recruit, try the Game Jam #6 Recruitment thread! Otherwise, have at it!
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