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May 25, 2017

I'll probably start out by saying that I'm actually really bad at recruitment threads. ūüėÖ
Anyway so Pokémon Axis is a project of mine I've been working on for about 3 years now. It's seen a lot of changes, be it graphically or story plot, or features. It's currently sitting at a decent 7 badges released out of the 14 I have planned for the final release. It's been pretty well received so far and I'm glad about that since for the most part it's just been me working on it for the longest time.
One of the reasons for that is that I don't really like asking people for help because I feel like I'd be bothering them so it's kind of big for me to be making this thread. Right, let's get right down to it, shall we?

I'm looking for an artist, for a few reasons:
- The game doesn't inherently look bad, per say, but I would like someone to help with some more custom tiles, especially for some of the stuff coming up in my next major patch.
- Some of the artwork for icons in the game are stuff I put together in Paint, and so don't look that great. I'd like some help redoing these to up the quality of the game a bit more. I'd also like to redo the logo you see above at some point, as well as some parts of the UI, and the game's badges.
- Whilst I can do trainer sprites fairly well (example), I'm awful at versus sprites. Or at least, I'm not impressed by the ones I have done. So that's another thing on the list.
- Pokémon sprites are not my forte, unfortunately, and I have a few regional evolutions I need properly designing/spriting for the next release.

A big part of what's different about the upcoming patch is the fact that I'm actually planning out my moves more carefully. Previous patches I had older story sections I'd been redoing as a crutch, but that isn't the case anymore, since I've caught up to where I was before I'd started renovating the game two years ago.
Because of that, I need one or more people to bounce ideas off of, to help write sidequests etc.

If you're interested and want to know more about the project, you can check out the thread on the other side of this link.
I usually won't pay much attention to the forums, so if you're interested in applying, I'm usually on Discord at Mashirosakura#0551
Not open for further replies.