Team Mapper TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

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Team Mapper
Team Mapper is a brand new mapping event on Relic Castle where all participants come together to create one large map, by each creating small sections of the map. These small maps are put together, and the goal is to create a coherent, proper map with variety.

How does Team Mapper work?
Team Mapper is made up of a large, 70x70 map. This map is divided into plots of 10x10 tiles. Each participant is assigned a plot, who then has two days to create a 10x10 map inside their plot. Once completed, an image of the map (without a grid) should be posted in this thread, and the participant may request to create another plot. Upon completing a plot, a staff member will update the full map in this thread, so that it may be referenced by other participants.

You may use any program to want to create the map, as long as it can be converted to a valid, 3-layer map in RPG Maker XP. You do have to use the default Pokémon Essentials v17.2 Outside tileset, though.

The goal is to fill in every single plot, and to try to create a map that makes sense, has no tile errors, and connects smoothly. To this end, the first few plots assigned will be purely random. Later on, plots will be assigned next to already created plots, so that it may be properly connected with that plot.

To participate in this event, reply to this thread saying that you would like to be assigned a plot! A staff member will then give you the number of the plot you may fill in. You can then create a map in RPG Maker XP or any other mapping program, and create a 10x10 map. Note that if you are using RPG Maker, the minimum map size is 20x15. This is okay - just make sure you only use a 10x10 area!

If something doesn't work out or is unclear during this event, we may mix the next trial up (for instance, by setting a theme, providing a map border, or changing map or plot size). We'll see how this turns out - we're leaving participants with a lot of freedom!

This informative section will be updated in the future if necessary!

Trial I. Testing the waters

Welcome to Team Mapper! We're trying a brand new mapping challenge with a more collaborative spirit than competitive, by coming together to create one big map!

The following criteria must be met:
  • You may only create maps on the plot that you have been assigned. If you have not been assigned a plot, reply to this thread asking for a plot!
  • You must use the default tileset that comes with Pokémon Essentials v17.2.
  • You may only be assigned one plot at a time - finish the plot you're working on before you may be assigned another plot.
  • Staff may limit the number of plots you can submit to give everyone a chance.
  • No grid may be visible on any submitted maps.

This is the current status of the map!

Maps created by:
  1. HollowGap
  2. Marin
  3. PurpleZaffre
  4. Popponic
  5. Mashirosakura
  6. Ekat
  7. Monika~♡
  8. Marin
  9. PurpleZaffre
  10. sukoshijon
  11. Henry
  12. Jelo
  13. Cryptochrome
  14. Deo
  15. Owen1563
  16. FloofOtter
  17. Jelo
  18. Saucecoie
  19. Falcon
  20. Cadeorade5
  21. BrazeDaGreat
  22. Ranko
  23. Henry
  24. VanillaSunshine
  25. Aldo!
  26. Thunder
  27. Maruno
  28. Kotaro
  29. Kotaro
  30. catwithnojob
  31. Monika~♡
  32. Dragonite
  33. Omega
  34. Saucecoie
  35. XXTheMichelXX
  36. Foxowl
  37. Ekat
  38. sukoshijon
  39. Aldo!
  40. Foxowl
  41. Omega
  42. Maruno
  43. Owen1563
  44. catwithnojob
  45. FloofOtter
  46. Maurili
  47. Droid779
  48. Popponic
  49. BrazeDaGreat

And that settles it for this first trial of TEAM MAPPER!

Here's the final result of the map, composed directly from all your images:

I've combined all the maps from scratch using the images as references into a single RPG Maker XP map, which you can find here:
You are free to use this map! Consider crediting all the creators, though ;)

And here's a slightly edited version, and is what the map file looks like:

Thank you all for participating! This event was a huge success, and sorry for everyone who didn't get the chance to participate! We'll definitely see about doing more of these in the future, with more opportunity for everyone to create maps!

All participants have received a special badge!
Team Mapper Badge: This badge is handed out to all participants of Relic Castle's first-ever Team Mapper trial!

Hope to see you during the next event!
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To illustrate how this is going to work, Andy, Otter and I will provide an example, and subsequently create the first map. To participate, you must first request a plot.

Hey, this looks pretty interesting! I'd like a plot please!
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Thanks Andy!

Tried my hand at a little foresty area. Perhaps this can be a detour on a route?

I can't wait to see how the map will turn out :)
I don't need another plot for now, I want to see some other people make some plots!
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