Recruiting Pokemon Beryl

Feb 18, 2019
Status: Open to accept

Pokémon Beryl is a Fangame still early in development and takes place in the Gåde region which is known for it’s lush landscapes and new Pokémon waiting to be found!
Journey through the Gåde region and challenge the Gym League, encounter new friends or enemies, or discover the secrets that lay dormant in the region! The game's region is based on Denmark and the Faroe Islands

Water Starter Dreaper:
*Currently No Concept Art due to be going through redesign*
Dreaper, the water beetle, is the Water Starter of the region and is quite reckless often fighting Pokémon bigger then it, often losing.

Fire Starter Cindercoon:
(Made by Hiro on the team)
Cindercoon, the fire Raccoon-dog, is the fire starter of the region and is quite mischievous often pulling pranks on unexpecting trainers.

Grass Starter Pineaver:
(made by Hiro on the team)
Pineaver, the grass Beaver, is the Grass Starter of the region and is known for it's kind nature with it often using it's powerful tail to knock twigs off of trees to use for building walls or dams
A New Evil Organization!:
An organization known as the Ravagers are a petty criminals wanting to cause trouble in the name of taking over the region so that they can rule it in their image,
with them turning Pokémon they steal into berserk Pokémon with a strange increase in power.

Around 160 new Fakemon are planned for the game with Megas planned to return
Example of concept art:
Currently we have around 10 members, although are in need for these positions:
Pokémon Artists and Pixel Artists
Pokémon Tileset Artists(DPP or HGSS)
Event and Story Writer
Pokémon Coders and Event Coders
Trainer Designers
Musicians(Will accept pay or freelance)
Pokehiro(Concept Trainer/Pokémon Artist)
Mari(Concept Trainer/Pokémon Artist)
Jamesmon(Concept Pokémon Artist)
Morpher(Pokémon Concept Artist)
SailorScum(Pixel Artist)
Pancake(Discord Organizer)​