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May 28, 2020
Pokemon cryptic aura is a Pokemon fangame. The game takes place in Iphiolon region. The player are is set out on a long mysterious journey. The main theme of the story is Discovery and generally plays with the idea that there are still discoveries to be found within the region.

The starters are the original ones from gen 1-8. You can also choose eevee as your starter.
We are also planing on making custom mega evolutions!

The plot so far:
The player starts on a small island with their family. But suddenly there is a meteorite that is about to crash onto the island. The players family accepts their fate, as not many young people live on the island. But they send the player and the young generation onto a boat (around 3 others). After a few days on the ocean the boat crashes into land. The player and the few other people get off the boat. The player wakes up after 3 days in a coma, they dont remember anything except for their name(cliche i know xd). The player gets their starter and begins their own journey.The 3 other people got their starters a day before the player and went their own ways. As the player leaves for the first rotue they meet the first rival, Olivia. They battle and wether you win or lose does not change the plot. The player and olivie leave for route two and travel on a boat to get onto the mainlands.

Olivia: first rival of the game Ace: ??? (wont tell ;) to many spoilers lol)
Description: Irresponsibly tiny, a baffling 150 centimeters tall. Looks unassuming from a distance but if you squint you can clearly see the blood on her knuckles. :):):)
Medium length brown hair that kinda turns gold in the sun ??????? ? e
Brown eyes, constantly wears black because f*ck the system <--- sorry for bad word >;O my friend wrote this lol
Personality: Acts like tough muk to try to hide the fact that she cries over fictional characters

Archie: This is the fourth rival of the game. Ace: ???
Description: Archie is 5’8 tall, short dark purple hair. He often wears just… the first thing he finds in his closet.
Personality: Archie is a caring person. He tries to find the good in people, and is always looking for friends. When he looses a battle with the player accepts it and takes it that he needs to form a stronger bond with his pokemon.

Minnie: This is the third rival of the game, Ace: ???
Description: Minnie is 5’4 tall, red medium length hair. She often wears black hoodies and tight pants.
Personality: Minnie is bold and doesn’t take kindly to people talking down to her, if someone tries to talk down to her and tell her that someone like her cant be a good trainer she will immediately challenge them to a battle and inevitably kick their ass, however when it comes to the player she can't seem to beat them and upon being beat she will tell the player that she feels she needs to get stronger and will beat them one day
Evil Team: here will be three evil teams/ organizations in the Iphiolon region. Obsidian Brigade, Assembly of Midnight and Team Illusion (also known as Obsidian, midnight and illusion)

Update On progress:
We have now officially started developing the game. But we are still recruiting!

What we are looking for?:
-Pixel Sprites
-Concept Art
-Trainer Artists
-Town/City artists
-Important Battles(Villain Leader, Gym Leaders, etc)
-Events(Pokemon, Story, Quests, etc)
-Story Writers

You can contact me on Discord: 🐰🍩𝐵𝓇𝑒𝒶𝒹 𝒪𝒷𝓈𝑒𝓈𝓈𝒾𝑜𝓃🍩🐰#8557
You Can also join the Discord Server:
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Mar 3, 2018
hey deadBooosh do you need any game testers to help find bugs and errors that need to be fixed. i be able to help out with that if so,
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