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Recruiting [Pokémon Cosmic Chaos] Looking for FRLG ROM Scripters


The Bird Keeper

Pokémon Cosmic Chaos
Hey PokéFans! I'm Michel and this is recruitment for my friend's project . This will be a ROM hack for FireRed. So if you are interested in joining our ROM hacking team, just move down!
About this ROM Hack
This is a fan ROM Hack for FireRed. This will be a ROM hack with a completely new story line as well as features, region, gym leaders. Currently we have only members of friends and haven't started working on it so we don't have much details to show yet.

Made by SapphireCocktail

What We are Looking For?
  • Scripters: We just need 2 more!
If are interested in joining our team, you can contact us on discord - https://discord.gg/fhTBX99 either just contact me here by PM.
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