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This project has a release available. The full version is still a work in progress.
  • Story

    A dark/evil/selfish team is attempting to abuse evolution genetics in Pokemon to obtain stronger forms of evolved Pokemon. For example: Eevee, a Pokemon which can evolve into many different forms, is forced to evolve into either a completely different Pokemon which contains the evolutionary advantages of all of its evolutions or a modified version of one of its evolutions.

    However, as I continue to work on the game, I will be adding additional evolutions which were not previously possible/available in the original games. The evil team, named Team Distortion, has it's mind set on creating these unnatural evolutions. The player, growing up in an ever demanding environment, has become desperate to find work. Inadvertently, they have offered their unique (Shiny) Eevee as a test subject in return for compensation. However upon lending the Unique Eevee, the scientists (who are working for Team Distortion) holding it, successfully create a new evolution for the very first time: "Omneon". During the evolution process, the event created is so immensely powerful it sends the player somewhere flying through time and space. The Player, blinded by a flash of light, arrives in a valley somewhere unknown. Their Shiny Eevee is gone, however while studying their surroundings, another Eevee, a regular one, comes to join their team. They have to figure out what happened, and on their journey comes to realize what Team Distortion is doing is unethical and needs to be stopped.


    Espy (Holds Espeon+)
    Umbre (Holds Umbreon+)
    Sylv (Holds Sylveon+)
    Flare (Holds Flareon+)
    Vapor (Holds Vaporeon+)
    Jolt (Holds Jolteon+)
    Leaf (Holds Leafeon+)
    Glace (Holds Glaceon+)

    Eeveelutions +

    + forms of Eeveelutions are failed attempts at creating Omneon. They are their respective typing along with the Omni type and look slightly different.

    The Player arrives on an island to “lend” their unique Eevee
    The Player is separated from their Eevee during the evolution process.
    The Player lands in an unknown valley, from which they need to escape from. A Wild Eevee (Normal) helps them out and shows them the way to a road. Upon leaving the valley, the Eevee joins your team.

    You and your new Eevee follow the road and end at a small village. In this village, you meet people to help teach you how to train and survive properly in this unknown world. During the training, you catch a glimpse of a purple portal disappearing in the distance. (This was Team Distortion using Omneon to cross time and space).

    Upon finishing your training, you are told there have been some suspicious sightings in the next village over. You are asked to go investigate. Upon arrival at the new village, you meet your rival/partner. His name is Armon. Armon explains what has been seen around the village and tells you where the last thing seen was.

    The Player investigates the areas and eventually comes across another purple portal. Team Distortion Grunts and Elite Jolt exit the portal and are seen talking. The grunts separate and it’s just you and Jolt. You approach Jolt which startles them. They demand you identify yourself, to which you do. They stand there thinking, then eventually remember hearing about you and your Original Eevee. At first, they sound as if they are going to help you, and call their Boss/Leader L. During the conversation, the music changes to something more sinister, and Jolt seems to change their opinion about you. Specifically saying “They will be dealt with”.

    Jolt approaches you slowly, explaining you shouldn’t move. When suddenly the player runs listening to their instinct. Jolt chases them but loses them behind a tree. Jolt calls Leader L again and says “Yes… I understand. I need to get rid of them so… doesn’t regain it’s memory… Yes.”

    Jolt runs off, with you running back to the village.

    You meet up with Armon, and explain they are bad people coming out of the reported portals. He is confused, as there shouldn’t be any people out there. (The Player realises they are in the past, and things have just been created PC,Pokeballs,ETC)


    The Player arrives at Goddess Temple, the final location of the main story. As described by Espy (Team Distortion Elite) This location is where the Super Evolution Stone resides, and where Eevee can evolve into the only thing that can help defeat Omneon. Un-Omneon.


    Un-Omneon is the polar opposite of Omneon. While Omneon is the “Omni Type” and is super effective against all types while everything is neutral against it, “Un-Omni Type” is Neutral against everything while being resistant to everything. However, the catch is that “Un-Omni Type” Is Super Effective against “Omni” and is also the only type that “Omni” is not super effective against.


    Omni Type

    Super Effective : ALL
    Neutral : Un-Omni
    Not Effective : NONE

    Super Effective : Un-Omni
    Neutral : All
    Not Effective : NONE

    Un-Omni Type

    Super Effective : Omni
    Neutral : ALL
    Not Effective : NONE

    Super Effective : NONE
    Neutral : Omni
    Not Effective : ALL

    Omni -> Un-Omni (Neutral)
    Un-Omni -> Omni (Super Effective)
    Omni -> ALL (Super Effective)
    Un-Omni -> ALL (Neutral)
    All -> Omni (Neutral)
    All -> Un-Omni (Not Effective)

    Pokedex Entries

    “Omneon, the Omni Pokemon. This Pokemon has been said to contain all of Eevee’s potential combined. This Pokemon is so powerful, it can accidentally cause rifts in space and time.”

    “Un-Omneon, the Un-Omni Pokemon. This Pokemon contains the inverse of all types. It has been said to take attacks like nothing, showing no weaknesses”

  • Screenshots/Progress: This is my original theme for my custom Pokemon Omneon: Custom Evolution Mechanics with Shinies: One of the initial scenes; unfinished:

  • Credits:
  • Pokemon Anomaly

  • A Project By
    Spencer F & Parker F

    Music by
    Alvadi & Pokestir

    Ultimate Title Screens
    by Luka S.J.
    Mario Gamer&YoshiCLONE

    Easy Mouse
    by Luka S.J.

    Smart Downloader
    Luka S.J.&Berka

    Events By
    Spencer F & Parker F

    Dialog By
    Spencer F

    Map Work By
    Spencer F & Parker F

    Credit Animations By
    Spencer F

    "Pokémon Essentials" was created by:
    Poccil (Peter O.)

    With contributions from:
    AvatarMonkeyKirby&Luka S.J.
    Boushy&MiDas Mike
    Brother1440&Near Fantastica
    Genzai Kawakami& Popper
    Harshboy& Rataime
    Jacob O. Wobbrock&Venom12
    Lisa Anthony&xLeD
    and everyone else who helped out
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