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Recruiting Pokemon Honor and Glory is Recruiting!


Harness the Spirit of Victory in Pokémon Honor and Glory!
Project Title: Pokémon Honor Version and Glory Version

  • Description: Mabuhay! Honor and Glory are a pair of Pokémon fangames made by Zephdo and Energyzd. These games are made to capture the spirit of a traditional Pokémon game and will contain a new region, new Pokémon, interesting characters and so much more. Harness the Spirit of Victory!

    The Ibaro Region is the main setting of Pokémon Honor and Glory. It is based on the country of the Philippines, and similar to its real-world inspiration, it is famous for its culture, history, tourism, and rich biodiversity.

  • Lore and Story: The Ibaro Region, like its real-world inspiration, is famous for its history. The region's famous historic events are all kept in the Great Ibarran Epic; an excerpt of it can be found below:
"Once in the Great Ibarran Antiquity, people and Pokemon lived peacefully. They formed tribes, each being in sync to a particular elemental force. Each tribe lived far from each other. Years passed and they began to form alliances. Eventually, two great clans were born: The Sky Clan of the West and the Ocean Clan of the East. Both clans revered one of the two great guardians of Ibaro. Eventually, the two clans started to fight for supremacy. The Great One, angered and disappointed, sent his Emissary to punish the clans of Ibaro. But because of his love and mercy, he also sent his human Champion along with its Pokemon brother to redeem the land from destruction and save it from the Terrible Punisher. Together, they performed many deeds across the islands. Both passed away at the end of the battle against the Punisher, but this was not in vain. The Great One ordered the people to seal the Punisher along with the two great guardians in the most secret of locations, their body parts being split into relics and sealed. The Great Clans formed a pact in order to prevent history from repeating all over again."

  • Planned Features:
-Brand new region with new cities, routes, and more
-Over 100 never-before-seen Pokémon only native to Ibaro
-Brand new regional forms and regional evolutions of older Pokémon
-A regional dex of around 500 Pokémon (new and old), with all Pokémon from Generations 1-8 being available after the game's completion
-New moves and abilities for old and new Pokémon!

Finally, a brand new mechanic called PokéSpirit will be introduced. This mechanic allows Pokémon to gain an additional typing (for a new dual- or triple-typing) and even allows some native Ibaro Pokémon to change into an upgraded form, similar to Mega Evolution and Gigantamax.

"The PokéSpirit is believed to be the last great deed of the Champion and his Pokémon Brother the moment they perished. This talent is taught to the people, but they fear it. They believe that the Great One will smite them once more shall they ever abuse this gift."

  • Looking to Recruit:
    1. Spriters -we need people who can make good Pokémon battle sprites, overworlds, maptiles, box icons etc.
    2. Programmers - we need heroes who can make the new planned moves, abilites and new battle mechanics (status condition and such) into a digital reality. This also applies to eventing, debugging and script writing.
    3. Animators- Of course if possible, we need people who can make visual animations for the new planned moves.
    4. Musicians / Composers - we need maestros who can make good PokéMusic needed for the game which includes the Overworld tracks, Town and Building Themes, Scenario Music, Battle themes etc.
    5. Artists - we need people who make good art with style somewhat similar to Pokémon artsyle, who'd help us in designing new Pokémon and human characters based on the concepts and abilities we already have planned. (Yeah and we need a really good Writer who make rewrite/polish the story we have so far!~)
  • Current Team:
-Energyzd <Our Amazing Head Mapper>
-PMD20 <Awesome Coder>
-MarkRandy685 <Cool Artist; Spriter>
-Kassy <Fun Discord Moderator>
-Zeus <Fun Discord Moderator>
-Zephdo <UI; Concept and Idea>
-and few inactive ones ( * cough * might re: edit list)

  • Progress/Screenshots: <Disclaimer: None of these screenshots are final>
  • Method of Contact:
    Join us on the Official Honor X Glory Server! Here: https://discord.gg/hVsY6jN Apply there!~ Or you can DM me or Energyzd here at Relic Castle or at Pokémon Community (same name) or at Discord (Zephdo#5667 or Energyzd#9723)
  • Additional Information:
-Official Development Thread over at PC: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=426244
-DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/makojiro
-Twitter, IG and YouTube Channel: Coming soon

"Thank you for your interest and support!
Harness the Spirit of Victory"

-Honor X Glory Dev Team
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We are still looking for Spriters and Musicians for the game! Feel free to lend us your musical and spriting powers!~
(On behalf of the dev team; Zephdo)